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Course Catalog 2003-2004

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Phil Fandozzi (Professor of Philosophy and Liberal Studies), Chair and Michel Valentin (Associate Professor of Modern and Classical Languages and Literatures) Co-Chair, Film Committee

The interdisciplinary offerings in film afford students the opportunity to acquire a basic knowledge of the history and development of the film. Specific courses provide study in national cinemas (e.g., American, French, German, and Japanese), directors (e.g., Bergman, Fellini, Hitchcock, Kurosawa), genres (e.g., Silents, Noir, Western, Detective, literary adaptations), and theory (e.g., feminist, Lacanian, Existentialist). The courses view films primarily from historical, critical, and creative perspectives. A course in cinematography is offered, and courses in screen writing and film criticism are offered under the special topics listing; courses are not offered, however, in shooting or producing scripts, nor in technical production, film making, editing, etc. It is recommended that all students take the Introduction to the Film course before enrolling in other courses. Students should examine the class schedule each semester to learn the titles of special topics courses.


LS180L Introduction to Film
LS/ENLT 227L Film as Literature, Literature as Film
MCLG 222L/LS 282L The German Cinema
MCLG/LS 338 The French Cinema
LS 356 Studies in Literature and Film
MCLG/LS 359 Spanish-American Civilization through Film and Literature
LS 381 Studies in Film




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