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Course Catalog 2003-2004

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Nonprofit Administration

Jonathan R. Tompkins, (Professor of Political Science), Advisor

The interdisciplinary minor in nonprofit administration concentrates on nonprofit board and committee development, fund raising principles and practices, nonprofit financial management, human resource development, nonprofit management and program planning, risk management, and nonprofit marketing. It is designed to complement students' major areas of study and prepare them to enter careers in the nonprofit sector.

Students pursuing the nonprofit administration minor will have the option to obtain certification from the national American Humanics organization if they complete additional requirements that include participation in the campus-based student association, extra-curricular training sessions and events, and attendance at a national American Humanics Management Institute. The director of the Office for Civic Engagement serves as the director for the national certification program. Students should contact that office for information regarding certification.

Requirements for a Minor

Students must complete successfully 21 credits in the following courses:

1. PSC 466 Nonprofit Management and Public Service, 3 cr.

2. PSC 467 Advanced Nonprofit Management, 3 cr.

3. PSC 498 Nonprofit Internship, 3 cr.

4. Twelve credits from at least four of the following six areas:

a. Communication Skills

-COMM 110S, Introduction to Interpersonal Communication

-COMM 240S Communication in Small Groups

-COMM 320 Introduction to Organizational Communication

-COMM 420 Advanced Organization Communication

b. Youth and Adult Development

-PSYC 240S Child and Adolescent Development

-PSYC 245 Adult Development and Aging

-SOC 330S Juvenile Delinquency

-SOC 335 Juvenile Justice System

c. Human Resources Development and Supervision

-PSC 460 Human Resource Management

-RECM 380 Recreation Administration and Leadership

d. Nonprofit Program Planning

RECM 230 Programming in Recreation

RECM 485 Recreation Planning (for RECM majors only)

e. Nonprofit Marketing

MKTG 363 Marketing Communications (prereq., 360)

MKTG 495 Nonoprofit Marketing (prereq., 360)

f. Nonprofit Accounting/Financial Management

ACCT 201 Financial Accounting




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