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Course Catalog 2003-2004

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Alumni Association

The University of Montana Alumni Association, established in 1901 by Eloise Knowles, represents over 80,000 graduates, former students and friends across the world. The mission of the Association, with offices in Brantly Hall, is to "identify and serve the needs of this University, its alumni, students and friends." The Alumni Association sponsors and helps coordinate Homecoming, Charter Day, Distinguished Alumni Awards, Senior Recognition Day, Scholarships, Internships and Commencement Reunions. The Association also co-sponsors with Career Services the Ask-An-Alum program, which connects alumni with currently enrolled students who are exploring career options. Visit their website at for more information.

Student Government

By paying the student activity fee, a student becomes a member of the Associated Students of The University of Monta­na (ASUM). ASUM is governed by officers elected at large - president, vice president and business manager - and a 20-member Senate. Together they have full authority over the ASUM general fund, which consists of the yearly activity fee collections and a total annual cash flow approximating 1.5 million dollars. The sole power to determine the allocation of the student budget resides with ASUM, pursuant to a 1970 Board of Regents policy. After the ASUM president presents the annual executive budget recommendation, the Senate determines the final allocations. The business manager and the Budget and Finance Committee, along with the ASUM accountant and office manager, then assume full responsibility for the disbursement of student money.

ASUM budgets money to its agencies - ASUM Administration, ASUM Child Care, UM Productions and ASUM Legal Services - as well as to a wide variety of special interest groups. It also co-sponsors Escort Service, Students Tutoring Students, Ask An Alum and the UM Advocates. For the special interest groups, ASUM designates special funds available for emergency expenses. Information about these groups may be obtained by visiting

ASUM Child Care provides several child care facilities for activity fee- paying students.

UM Productions is the largest student programming agency on campus. They provide the University and Missoula communities with a wide variety of entertainment and activities, specializing in pop concerts, special events, and performing arts.

ASUM hires professional lawyers for Legal Services. Legal services are available to all activity fee-paying students for a minimal one-time fee plus office and court costs. Services include everything from tenant-landlord disputes to major legal needs of students, not including major felonies.

Also ASUM-affiliated are KBGA, a student-run alternative radio station; the ASUM Office of Transportation, which encourages and provides alternative transportation; and ASUM Off-Campus Rental Center, which assists student and the community with rent-related problems.

Student appointments to full-voting membership on ASUM and University committees are made by the ASUM vice-president. Such committees virtually govern many aspects of the University, including curriculum, campus development, and scholarships and loans. Ad hoc committees may be appointed at any time by the ASUM president or vice-president.

ASUM has three semi-autonomous standing committees which share in student governance. Publications Board oversees all ASUM publications. The UC Board is charged with policy making for and administration of the University Center. The Student Political Action Committee oversees student interests in political affairs, both on and off campus, and organizes volunteers for various activities. It also assists the ASUM president in advising the full-time lobbyist hired by ASUM for state legislative sessions.

Special Interest Groups

Students have organized over 150 different special interest groups. Information about them can be obtained in the ASUM Offices in the University Center or by visiting our web site at

Fraternities and Sororities

The Greek Community of The University of Montana provides a comprehensive educational, social, and living experience for members through the promotion of friendship, leadership, personal development, academics, and services to the University and the Missoula community. The Greek members donate their time and support to over 50 recognized philanthropies. Additionally, they involve themselves in a wide variety of campus leadership organizations, such as Residence Life Staff, PRO's, ASUM Senate, Advocates, Peer Advising, and Mortar Board.

The Greek system has seven national fraternities (Phi Delta Theta, Phi Gamma Delta, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Sigma Chi, Sigma Nu, and Sigma Phi Epsilon) and four national sororities (Alpha Phi, Delta Gamma, Kappa Alpha Theta and Kappa Kappa Gamma).




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