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Course Catalog 2003-2004

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Russian Studies

Frederick W. Skinner (Associate Professor of History), Advisor

Students interested in Russian studies may choose a minor in Russian studies as listed below. Students will receive formal guidance for their interest in Russian studies and recognition for completing a defined program. For assignment to an advisor in Russian studies, the student may contact Dr. Fred Skinner, Department of History.

Requirements for a Minor

The following requirements must be successfully completed to obtain a minor in Russian studies:

1. Twelve credits of course work concerning the former Russian area and its successor states. The Russian Studies Faculty Committee will designate the courses which may be used for the minor. These twelve credits will include at least one course concerning Russian area studies in at least three of the following disciplines: anthropology, business administration, economics, modern and classical languages and literatures (not including the language requirement), geography, history, communication studies, political science, sociology.

2. Second year proficiency in the Russian language.

Related Courses

Following is a list of possible course selections for the minor in Russian Studies. It is not an exhaustive list so students are advised to consult with their advisors for course suggestions appropriate to the minor.


385S Indigenous Peoples and Global Development 3 cr.

Business Administration-Management

348 Entrepreneurship 3cr.
368 International Business 3cr.
465 World Trade and Commerce 3 cr.

Communication Studies

451S Intercultural Communications 3 cr.
452 Cultural Codes in Communication 3 cr.


374 Comparative Economic Systems 3 cr.


351 Geography of a Selected Region 3 cr.
396 Problems in Geography 3 cr.


319H Contemporary Europe 3 cr.
331H Foreign Relations of the Great Powers, 1870-Present 3 cr.
332H The Global Diplomacy of the Cold War 3 cr.
344 Russia to 1801 3 cr.
345 Russia Since 1801 3 cr.
348 Eastern Europe: Past and Present 3 cr.
395 Russia: Past and Present 3 cr.
446 The Russian Revolution, 1900-1930 3 cr.
460E Problems of Peace and National Security 3 cr.

Political Science

322H Soviet and Post Soviet Politics 3 cr.
323 Theories of Civil Violence 3 cr.


301 Oral and Written Expression 3 cr.
302 Russian Culture and Civilization 3 cr.
305L-306L Introduction to Russian Literature 6 cr.
395 Special Topics Variable cr.
401 Advanced Conversation and Composition 3 cr.
411 19th Century Major Russian Authors 3 cr.
412 20th Century Major Russian Authors 3 cr.
413 Soviet/Russian Literature 3 cr.
424 Russian Short Story 3 cr.
430 20th Century Russian Women Writers 3 cr.
432 20th Century Russian Literature: Contemporary Period 3 cr.
440 Russian Poetry 3 cr.
495 Special Topics Variable cr.


320 Complex Organizations
325 Social Stratification
455 Classical Social Theory

Study in Russia

Primarily a language-based program taught by native Russian instructors for beginning through advanced language students.



Frederick W. Skinner, Ph.D., Princeton University, 1973



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