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CHMY 141N - College Chemistry I. 4.000 Credits.

Offered autumn and spring. Prereq., ALEKS Placement Level 4, M02-Maplesoft Algebra score >= 12 or M 095 Intermediate Algebra w/ RC+ or better and Chemistry Placement Exam score >= 13 or CHMY 104 w/C- or better. Coreq. or Prereq., CHMY 142N. For science majors and other students intending to take more than one year of chemistry. Properties of elements, inorganic compounds, liquid solutions, chemical equilibria and chemical kinetics.

Gen Ed Attributes: Natural Science Course (N)

Biology B.A. - Teacher Preparation General Science Broadfield

...Note : CHMY 141N / CHMY 142N & CHMY 143N / CHMY 144N should be completed before attempting CHMY...