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CSCI 480 - Applied Parallel Computing Techniques. 3 Credits.

Prereq., CSCI 205 and 232, or instructor consent. This course is an introduction to parallelism and parallel programming. Topics include the various forms of parallelism on modern computer hardware (e.g. SIMD vector instructions, GPUs, multiple cores, and networked clusters), with coverage of locality and latency, shared vs non-shared memory, and synchronization mechanisms (locking, atomicity, etc). We will introduce patterns that appear in essentially all programs that need to run fast. We will discuss how to recognize these patterns in a variety of practical problems, discuss efficient algorithms for implementing them, and how to compose these patterns into larger applications. We will address computer architecture at a high level, sufficient to understand the relative costs of operations like arithmetic and data transfer. We also introduce useful tools for debugging correctness and performance of parallel programs. Assignments will include significant parallel programming projects. Co-convenes with CSCI 580. Credit not allowed for both CSCI 480 and CSCI 580.