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EDU 397 - Methods: Teaching & Assessing. 3 Credits.

(R-15) Offered autumn and spring. Prereq., admission to the Teacher Education Program in elementary or early childhood: P-3 and WRIT 101 or equivalent, and one intermediate writing course. This course number is used for multiple methods courses. Check the class schedule or with your advisor regarding appropriate sections.

Gen Ed Attributes: Writing Course-Advanced

Elementary Education B.A.

Degree Specific Credits: 104-105 Required Cumulative GPA: 2.75 Catalog Year: 2018-2019 Note: Admission to the Teacher Education Program is required to enroll in any EDU courses.

Teaching Reading Licensure

Those seeking licensure to teach reading need to contact the Teaching and Learning Department. Do not fill out a major/minor form for graduation or the major/minor/concentration section of the major change form. 

Biochemistry B.S. High School...credits combined of CHMY 397 and CHMY 494...