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FORS 320 - Forest Environmental Economics. 3 Credits.

Offered spring. Prereq. M 121 and M 122 or M 151 or M 162 or M 171 or M 172. Economic techniques to support decision making about the allocation of scarce resources in relation to the management of forests for timber and other ecosystem services.

Geosciences B.S. - Earth Science Education Concentration

...used for multiple courses. Students should register for...Geoscience Course Note: GEO 320 is recommended to...

English B.A. - Film Studies

...pre-requisite for most other 300- and 400-level LIT courses, including FILM 320 . Minimum...

Geography B.S. - Physical Geography

...satisfying the general requirements for a (e.g. GEO 320 , GEO 499 , BIOO...