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GEO 105N - Oceanography. 3 Credits.

Offered spring. The ocean covers 70 % of the globe, and yet vast regions remain unexplored. Interactions between the atmosphere and the sea moderate and control our climate. Nearly 40 % of the world?s population lives within 100 kilometers of the coast. The oceans are geographically, environmentally, culturally, and economically critical to society. This course introduces oceanography, including the origin of water and ocean basins; marine resources; atmospheric circulation; air-sea interaction; ocean-climate feedback; currents, tides, and coastal processes; marine ecology; and use and misuse of the oceans.

Gen Ed Attributes: Natural Science Course (N)

Geography B.S. (e.g. GEO 320 , GEO 499 , BIOO...goals (e.g., BIOO 105N , BIOE 172N ) . Bachelor...