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M 162 - Applied Calculus. 4.000 Credits.

Offered autumn and spring. Prereq., ALEKS placement >= 5 or M02-Maplesoft Algebra score >= 19 or M03-Maplesoft Calculus score >= 10 or one of M 121, M 122 or M 151. Introductory course surveying the principal ideas of differential and integral calculus with emphasis on applications and computer software. Mathematical modeling in discrete and continuous settings. Intended primarily for students who do not plan to take higher calculus.

Gen Ed Attributes: Math Competency Course

Mathematics Minor

A handout with detailed advice for Math minors, including suggested curricula, is available on the Math Department’s home page .

Finance B.S.

...or M 151 will be accepted for students who choose not to take M 162...

Economics B.A.

...Courses Rule: All courses are required. Note: M 162 must be taken before ECNS 301...

Economics Minor

...C- Upper-Division Core Note: M 115 and M 162 should be taken before enrolling...

Geography B.S.

...statistics course; M 115 and STAT 216 , OR just one of M 162 , M 171...