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SOCI 260S - Introduction to Juvenile Delinquency. 3 Credits.

Offered spring. The study of juvenile delinquency as a social phenomenon, including the emergence of "juvenile delinquency" as a social and legal concept, the nature of delinquency, and theoretical explanations of delinquent behavior.

Gen Ed Attributes: Social Sciences Course (S)

Sociology B.A. - Criminology

Criminology has been an area of study within sociology since the inception of the discipline at the turn of the twentieth century. Contemporary criminology examines the making of laws, the nature and extent of crime, the causes of crime, and society's efforts to control crime through the juvenile and criminal justice systems. The concentration builds upon the required course work in sociology and allows students to pursue extended study of crime and the criminal justice system. In addition, the concentration provides opportunity for practical experience in juvenile and criminal justice systems through internship placement. The criminology cocentration prepares students for employment in public and private criminal justice agencies, as well as graduate study in sociology, criminal justice, and law.