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SOCI 275S - Gender and Society. 3 Credits.

Offered spring. Exploration of the social construction of gender, especially in western, post-industrial societies such as the U.S.; gender ideologies affect the social definition and position of gendered individuals in work, family, sexual relationships, gendered divisions of labor, and social movements.

Gen Ed Attributes: Social Sciences Course (S)

Sociology B.A. - Inequality and Social Justice

Inequality is at the core of most sociological inquires. The concentration in inequality and social justice examines the causes and consequences of inequalities based on class, gender, race/ethnicity, disability, age, and sexual orientation. Social inequalities at the local, national, and global levels are studied, as are the political, legal, and social processes that contribute to or reduce inequalities. Ethical elements of social justice are considered with regard to inequality. A concentration in inequality and social justice prepares students for employment in a variety of government and private-sector agencies, especially in social services, or for graduate school in Sociology. It also provides valuable preparation for related fields such as law, social work, education, counseling, politics, and public administration.