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SOCI 460 - Capstone: Rural and Env Change. 3 Credits.

Offered spring. Prereq., WRIT 101 or equivalent, one intermediate writing course, SOCI 101S and consent of instr. Advanced study of issues in rural, environmental, and development sociology with an emphasis on theoretical perspectives and applications. Meets upper-division writing expectation for sociology majors only.

Gen Ed Attributes: Writing Course-Advanced

Sociology B.A. - Rural and Environmental Change

Rural environments, residents and agencies are facing rapid social, economic, demographic and political change. This concentration develops analytical and practical skills for understanding rural and environmental change globally and in the American West, and its policy implications in such areas as rural health, welfare and work; community development and assessment; native peoples and natural resource management. A concentration in rural and environmental change prepares students for employment with either a government, private, or non-profit agency concerned with the above topics or for pursuing an advanced degree in sociology.