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Applied Science

The Bachelor of Applied Science degree program provides opportunities for individuals who have completed approved Associate of Applied Science degree programs. The degree provides additional educational preparation to strengthen students' planned or previous training and improve career advancement opportunities.

See the College of Technology section of this catalog for descriptions of Associate of Applied Science degree programs offered at The University of Montana-Missoula.

Special Degree Requirements

Refer to graduation requirements listed previously in the catalog. See index.

Requirements come under two categories: (1) completion of an A.A.S. degree approved by the Montana Board of Regents with a 2.50 grade average, and (2) completion of a planned program of academic course work that is officially approved by the student's assigned Degree Program Committee and the University Bachelor of Applied Science Committee.

The student Degree Program Committee will include at least two faculty members, one from an appropriate baccalaureate program academic discipline and the other in the student's technical or closely related specialization.

For all approved A.A.S. programs students are allowed 50 lower-division credits to apply toward the B.A.S. degree.

After completing 15 credits of general education requirements, students develop a proposed degree plan of academic course work for review and approval by the Student Degree Program Committee and the B.A.S. Committee. Students are admitted to the B.A.S. program after the plan of academic course work has been approved by the assigned Degree Program and B.A.S. Committees.

General Requirements:

A. Successful completion of a Bachelor of Applied Science-approved Associate of Applied Science program.

B. Successful completion of 77 credits as identified under specific requirements of which 39 credits must be in courses numbered 300 and above.

Specific Requirements

A. Competency -General Education

1. English Writing Skills

a. Complete successfully ENEX 101 or be exempt by receiving an acceptable score on the writing placement exam.

b. Complete successfully six credits in courses designated as writing, including at least three credits at the 300 or above level.

c. Complete successfully the Upper-Division Writing Proficiency Assessment.

2. Mathematical Literacy

Complete successfully one mathematics course numbered greater than 100, with a grade of C or P or better, or demonstrate equivalent skill by competency testing.

3. Foreign Language/Symbolic Systems

a. Complete successfully the second semester of a foreign language at The University of Montana-Missoula or demonstrate equivalent skill in a foreign language;


b. Complete successfully one of the approved sequences in a symbolic system.

B. Perspectives - General Education

Complete successfully 29 credits in the six identified perspectives. A minimum of three credits is required from each perspective, except perspective 6 in which six credits are required. A maximum of six credits from each perspective will count toward the general education distribution requirement:

1. Perspective 1 - Expressive Arts

2. Perspective 2 - Literary and Artistic Studies

3. Perspective 3 - Historical and Cultural Studies

4. Perspective 4 - Social Science

5. Perspective 5 - Ethical and Human Values

6. Perspective 6 - Natural Science

C. Supportive

Complete successfully 30 credits in a field or fields related to or supportive of special and individual needs of the student and the student's Associate of Applied Science degree program, 21 of which must be numbered 300 and above.


U = for undergraduate credit only, UG = for undergraduate or graduate credit, G = for graduate credit. R after the credit indicates the course may be repeated for credit to the maximum indicated after the R.

U 396 Independent Study 1-6 cr. (R-6) Offered intermittently.

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