University of Montana 1999-2000 Catalog

Department of Electronics Technology

Steven Rice, Chair

Special Degree Requirements

The related studies requirements are included in the following course of study. Refer to the Academic Policies and Procedures section of this catalog for the specific requirements.

Electronics Technology- A.A.S. Degree

Students in the Electronics Technology program learn to troubleshoot, calibrate, test, and repair electronic components and circuit boards used in a wide range of electronic equipment including computers and communication equipment. Training includes working knowledge of direct and alternating current theory, semiconductor circuits, instrumentation, automatic controls, data communications, computerized communication links, and operational amplifiers. Students become familiar with robotics, electronic communications theory, and Federal Communications Commission regulations. Instruction occurs on the West campus at 3639 South Avenue West.

Students are awarded the Associate of Applied Science degree upon successful completion of the program. Students may enter autumn semester only.

First Year A S

COM 115T Technical Writing 3 -

EET 101T Direct and Alternating

Current Theory 7 -

EET 103T Semiconductor Circuits Systems - 7

EET 110T Operating Systems - 3

MAT 120 Elementary Functions 4 -

MAT 145 Calculus with Applications - 4

SCN 120T-121T Technical Physics I, II 4 4

Total 18 20

Second Year A S

EET 225T Microcomputer Programming 3 -

EET 227T Computer Fundamentals 4 -

EET 228T Instrumentation - 7

EET 232 Microprocessors - 4

EET 234T Automatic Controls 4 -

EET 240T Robotics - 3

EET 260 Data Communications 4 -

EET 270T Electronic Communications - 3

PSY 110T Organizational Psychology 3 -

Total 18 17

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