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Computing and Information Services

Computing and Information Services (CIS), located in the basement of the Liberal Arts Building, in Brantly Hall, and in the Physical Plant, is a division of the Office of Information Technology. CIS offers a variety of services and facilities to support the faculty, staff, and students who use computer technology.

CIS operates a computer network that links hundreds of personal computers in offices and labs, plus several large, time-sharing systems. Full Internet access is provided for such activities as exchanging e-mail, participating in online discussions, browsing through World-Wide Web resources, and searching through library catalogs. Dial-up access to the network is handled through commercial Internet service providers. Interact software is provided at the help desk in LA 139.

Several CIS-managed computer labs on campus offer a variety of equipment, including Macintoshes, PCs running Windows, and adaptive machines for users with disabilities. Software includes a wide selection of programming languages and tools for statistics, graphics, database management, spreadsheets, word processing, and Internet browsing. These facilities are used by faculty, staff, and students in accordance with University policies.

CIS offers free, non-credit short courses, the help desk (LA 139) and other consulting services, and numerous free documents to help users become proficient with computer technology.

Montana Forest and Conservation Experiment Station

The Montana Forest and Conservation Experiment Station was established by the Montana Legislature in 1937 as a non-profit organization devoted to scientific investigation of natural resource problems. The station serves as the research unit of The University of Montana School of Forestry with the dean functioning as station director. The station seeks, through its research and publications, to enhance public understanding of forestry and conservation and contribute to responsible management of our nation's natural resources.

The Shafizadeh Rocky Mountain Center for Wood and Carbohydrate Chemistry

The laboratory provides a center for fundamental chemical studies on carbohydrate small molecules and polysaccharides from wood and non-wood sources.

Stella Duncan Memorial Research Institute

The Institute was created initially by a bequest from an alumna of the University; the funds were designated originally for research on the cause and treatment of bronchial asthma. Current work focuses on the cells and mediators involved in the asthmatic response.

Institute for Tourism and Recreation Research

The Institute was created by the Montana University System Board of Regents in June 1987 to conduct the travel research authorized by the 1987 Legislature. The Institute is the research arm for Montana's tourism and recreation industry; its mission is to conduct research that will strengthen the tourism component of the state's economy.

Wilderness Institute

The Institute seeks to encourage and support teaching, research and outreach programs focusing on wilderness. The Institute administers the Wilderness and Civilization program of interdisciplinary undergraduate education, a program leading to the Wilderness Studies minor (see the School of Forestry).

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