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Medical Technology

Michael Minnick (Associate Professor of Biological Sciences), Advisor

Medical Technology is a combined study of chemistry, physics, physiology and microbiology. A medical technologist is capable of performing, under the supervision of a pathologist or other qualified physician or laboratory director, the various chemical, microscopic, bacteriologic and other medical laboratory procedures used in the diagnosis, study and treatment of disease.

Four years are required to earn the degree of Bachelor of Science in Medical Technology. The first two years are devoted to the development of a sound foundation in physics, chemistry and biology. The last two years are designed to develop efficiency in the fields of microbiology and clinical methods. The student is encouraged to obtain an understanding of social science and cultural subjects.

To be certified by the Board of Registry a student, after satisfying the minimum course requirements, serves an internship of at least 12 consecutive months in an approved school of medical technology endorsed by the National Accrediting Agency for Clinical Laboratory Sciences (NAACLS) and American Society of Clinical Pathology (ASCP) of the American Medical Association. Schools of medical technology are located in every state, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico and the Canal Zone. After completing the internship and passing the Registry examination, the student receives a diploma from the Board of Registry with the professional designation of Medical Technologist M.T. SCP).

The University of Montana-Missoula is affiliated with The University of North Dakota School of Medicine to provide five internships per year to qualified UM seniors. Details and application forms can be obtained from the advisor. Applications are due by October 15 for enrollment the following May.

Medical technologists are in demand in hospital laboratories, physicians' offices, research institutions and in federal and state health departments. Although certification is desirable, persons receiving the B.S. in Medical Technology are also qualified bacteriologists and can obtain positions in many laboratories as technicians.

High School Preparation: In addition to the general University requirements for admission, it is recommended that high school preparation include algebra, geometry, trigonometry, chemistry, physics and a foreign language.

Special Degree Requirements

Refer to graduation requirements listed previously in the catalog. See index.

In addition to the General Education requirements, the following courses are required for the Bachelor of Science in Medical Technology: Thirty-eight or more credits (300-level or above) in biology, biochemistry and microbiology including MICB 300-301, 309, 310-311, 312-313, 406, 420-421 and 450-451, BIOC 381-382 or 481-482, 385 and BIOL 400. MATH 117, 121, 150; BIOL 221, 223; CHEM 161N-162N, 221-222, 223-224, 341; PHYS 121N-122N also are required.

Suggested Course of Study

First Year A S

CHEM 161N-162N College Chemistry and

Laboratory 5 5

+MATH 117, 121 Probability and

Linear Mathematics and Precalculus 3 4

ENEX 101 Composition 3 -

Electives and General Education 3 6

14 15

+Depends on math placement test.

Second Year

BIOL 221 Cell and Molecular Biology 4 -

BIOL 223 Genetics and Evolution - 4

CHEM 221-222, 223-224 Organic

Chemistry and Laboratory 5 5

MATH 150 Applied Calculus 4 -

MICB 300-301 General Microbiology

and Laboratory - 5

Electives and General Education 3 3

16 17

Third Year

MICB 309 Hematology 2 -

MICB 410-411 Immunology and Laboratory 5 -

MICB 412-413 Medical

Bacteriology and Laboratory - 5

CHEM 341 Quantitative Analysis

and Instrumental Methods 3 -

PHYS 121N-122N General Physics 5 5

BIOL 400 Parasitology 2 -

Electives and General Education - 6

17 16

Fourth Year

BIOC 385 Clinical Chemistry Laboratory 2 -

MICB 406 Clinical Diagnosis - 2

MICB 420-421 Virology and Laboratory 5 -

**MICB 450-451 Microbial

Physiology and Laboratory 4 -

BIOC 381-382 Elementary Biochemistry

or 481-482 Biochemistry 3 2-3

Electives and General Education - 9

14 13-14

**Upper-division writing course.

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