University of Montana 1999-2000 Catalog 1999-2000 Catalog

The University of Montana has seven professional schools: Business Administration, Education, Fine Arts, Forestry, Journalism, Law, and Pharmacy and Allied Health Sciences. Each school has a specific focus designed to develop professionals through specialized course and practical training. At the same time, the professional emphasis is balanced by a broad background in the liberal arts and sciences. Each school also maintains contact with professional organizations in its field and provides leadership through research and service to the state of Montana and the nation.

The professional schools, each administered by a dean, have both graduate and undergraduate programs with the exception of the School of Law which is a graduate school only. The professional schools concentrate on degree programs which ensure that a student will be professionally qualified to function in his or her chosen field, both as a successful practitioner and as a critical and informed citizen. The quality of the professional schools is reflected by the number of graduates who move on to excellent positions in their chosen fields.

University of Montana 1998 -1999 Catalog
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