Global Gateway to K-12 Education

The Global Gateway to K-12 Education for Students provides a unique “window-to-the-world” for schools in Missoula. The pilot program included the development of a series of cross-cultural and global competence learning modules, tailored for two elementary schools and one high school in Missoula. These modules were designed to support the teacher in the classroom with their individual curriculum plans and learning goals, by offering an additional, international and global perspective.

The amount of seminars provided to Missoula schools doubled between 2014 and 2015, as the graphs below indicate. Two additional schools, the Missoula International School and Franklin Elementary School joined the Global Gateway partnership in 2015.

Global Competence Seminars in Missoula K-12 Schools in Spring 2015

Global Competence Seminars in Missoula K-12 Schools in Fall 2014

As the graph above indicates, six schools within the Missoula School District participated in the fall 2014 global competence trainings series. Lewis & Clark Elementary School, Rattlesnake Elementary School, Russell Elementary School, Lowell Elementary School, St. Joseph Elementary and Middle School, as well as Hellgate High School. Seminars were specifically developed to meet the pedagogical needs of pre-Kindergarten students to 12th grade learners.

Several professional trainings were also offered to school administrators and teachers, on how to infuse cross-cultural and global competence learning content into existing curricula.

Global Competence Seminars in Missoula K-12 Schools in Spring 2014

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    The MWAC facilitates the Council in the Classroom program. Council in the Classroom utilizes state-of-the-art video-conferencing technology, provided by Inspired Classroom.

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  • Inspired Classroom: Is a curriculum development studio, based in Missoula. Through the program, international experts have the opportunity to be guest speakers, by connecting to schools, students and teachers across Montana.

    Inspired Classroom

Global Gateway is excited about the partnership with Council in the Classroom and Inspired Classroom, to deliver tailor-made seminars that provide students with an international and global perspective, expose students to “outside” content, provide a knowledge foundation, directly engage students, and giving them a chance to become more cross-culturally and globally aware and competent. 

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K-12 Testimonials

“As an observer to the first grade Global Gateway lessons presented by Mr. Fluck, it was phenomenal to see the level of engagement which the students had throughout the entire program.  It was interesting to see that many students, some of who weren’t able to recognize a world map, were by the end of your time together picking out individual countries correctly.”
Angela Opitz, Counselor, Rattlesnake Elementary School

“As a summative assessment for our unit on culture, students were allowed to choose any culture in the world and bring in an artifact to show how “where we live affects what we do”.  Several students chose cultures that they learned about in their Global Competence Seminar. This is a testament to the quality of instruction that students received from Dr. Fluck during his sessions.  My students have been profoundly impacted by this experience, and they are without a doubt more globally competent and more culturally aware.”
Natalie J. Griffin, Lewis & Clark Elementary School, 3rd Grade Teacher

“You gave my students a hands-on experience that many of them will never get the chance to experience again.  I also truly believe that your sessions inspired some of my students to go home and do additional research on their own, as well as inform their parents of their new-found knowledge.”
Barbara Matz, Rattlesnake Elementary School, 3rd Grade

“I was wishing that we had more time with Udo.  He is easy to work with, positive, upbeat, and very caring.  He had great management of the kids too.  I was very impressed!  I think I learned just as much (if not more!) than the kids did!”
Kristin Nichols, Rattlesnake Elementary School 3rd Grade

“Having conceptual knowledge of our world and the vast variances in cultures can be very difficult for 2nd graders to learn. These concepts are often overwhelming and confusing. However, by focusing on one or two cultural topics (e.g. hats and musical instruments), Udo Fluck introduced cultural lessons that were not only engaging and educational, but also memorable.”
Regan Reneau, Russell Elementary School, 2nd Grade

“When he was here the students were 100% engaged, and when he left they talked about what they learned the rest of the day.  They still add in bits of what they learned when it pertains to what we are doing.  This is how I know that Udo was highly effective in presenting this unit.  I wish we could have Udo teach these kids all year! “
Kristin Nichols, Rattlesnake Elementary School 3rd Grade

“Your teaching style was relaxed, and the way you spoke with them encouraged them to share and ask questions.  I think they were impressed with the fact that a college professor wanted to teach them.  Since your seminars we've been able to connect other classroom topics to the content they learned from you.”
Joanna Eichner, St. Joseph Elementary and Middle School, 5th Grade Teacher

“The presentations you gave to my Native American Studies classes were extremely important. They remembered much of the Iceberg Theory, the four metaphors used to describe American culture, what Hall's and Hofstede's theories were.”
Nancy Larum, Hellgate High School, 9th - 12th Grade Teacher

“Also, your enthusiasm in the classroom is contagious.  My students enjoyed having the opportunity to explore each hat and instrument and to hear the video clips for the instruments. You truly made them want to learn.”
Barbara Matz, Rattlesnake Elementary School, 3rd Grade

“Even though our time with Dr. Fluck is over, his impact on our classroom continues to be felt. The enthusiasm and excitement he created about the world around us has become contagious in our classroom.  I would highly recommend his global competency seminars to any classroom hoping to expand their students' horizons!  Even though our time with Dr. Fluck is over, his impact on our classroom continues to be felt.”
Samantha Pierce, Rattlesnake Elementary School, 2nd Grade

“My students did a wonderful job with locating different countries, because they were already familiar with a world map and how to use it.  I credit you for giving them this background knowledge.  I heard quite a few students mention your name as they looked up different places in the world.  They were like, “That’s a place that this hat or that instrument is from.”
Barbara Matz, Rattlesnake Elementary School, 3rd Grade

“Udo Fluck’s Global Gateway program was excellent in many ways.  First of all, Udo is a delight to have as a teacher, and the kids absolutely love him.  It was a joy to have him in my classroom.  The materials that Udo used to teach the kids about the world were really amazing and inspiring.”
Kristin Nichols, Rattlesnake Elementary School 3rd Grade

“It has truly been a joy to have Udo in our class!  Not only is he wonderful with the students, but he has been able to make real life connections for my students with abstract faraway countries and their people using of all things, hats and instruments!”
Samantha Pierce, Rattlesnake Elementary School, 2nd Grade

“Udo Fluck’s dynamic teaching style and enthusiasm for sharing cultural knowledge with the students, leads to tremendous excitement and anticipation for each and every visit.  Lessons he presents are planned and delivered in an interactive manner.  Student engagement is high.  Material is accessible to all learners and the question and answer sessions lead to authentic inquiry from students.  Teachers truly value the quality of the interactions between Dr. Fluck and the students.  I personally observed several sessions, and found myself intrigued and interested in the video clips, photographs, and hat artifacts shown in the classroom.”
Susan Anderson, Principal, Lewis and Clark Elementary

“Not only did my students gain a greater appreciation of the big world around us they also discovered that even though distance may separate us from other countries we share many things in common on a personal and cultural level. This may be the greatest lesson of all in this ever shrinking world where it is becoming ever more necessary to relate to and work with one another.”
Samantha Pierce, Rattlesnake Elementary School, 2nd Grade Teacher

“My 3rd grade students were able to participate in a fabulous global competence seminar with Dr. Udo Fluck, where they were exposed to hats, and musical instruments from around the world.  As a result of their learning sessions with Dr. Fluck, my third graders developed cultural understanding, perspective, critical thinking skills, and strong geographical awareness."
Natalie J. Griffin, Lewis & Clark Elementary School, 3rd Grade Teacher

“I think another crucial, perhaps more than anything else, “take-away” for the students is, hopefully, developing tolerance and appreciation for cultural diversity.  I have no way of assessing it per se, but I had the definite sense that these students will have a more nuanced, tolerant perspective when they encounter people who may look, sound, dress, live in ways different from their own cultural experience.”
Annie Hull, Chief Charlo Elementary School, 3rd Grade Teacher

“The questions that Udo posed to children required them to use analytical and critical thinking skills, which in turn allowed them to make strong connections between artifacts and their locations.  The stories, videos, and pictures Udo included allowed students to make concrete connections between artifact and place.”
Natalie J. Griffin, Lewis & Clark Elementary School, 3rd Grade Teacher

“Udo’s presentations were effective not only because of his enthusiasm for the subject (global competency, world geography, and international cultures), but because they drew students in on a variety of sensory levels. Udo also allowed the students to touch the hats and instruments. This stimulated them in a tactile manner and ignited their curiosity.  The YouTube clips gave them not only a visual, but an auditory experience of the music and instruments from around the world.  Udo used wonderful repetition in his lessons, continually showing the world map and connecting their new knowledge to world geography.”
Mary Dombrowski, Rattlesnake Elementary School, 1-2 Grade Teacher

“It’s SO impressive the impact those 8 half-hour long Global Gateway sessions have.  I really believe these kids are intrinsically changed because of it and those changes are indelible.   The feeling that the seminar will have a lasting impact was palpable.  The hugs you were given at the end say everything about what it meant to them and their appreciation of the fact that you appealed to their curiosity and ability to engage with very novel, and at times complex, ideas and concepts.”
Annie Hull, Chief Charlo Elementary School, 3rd Grade Teacher

“Udo allowed time for discussion and questions throughout all of his presentations. He valued all questions from the very simple to the more complex questions regarding cultural differences and even light, age appropriate discussions that leaned towards the political.  These questions and discussions continued throughout the week after Udo’s visit as students connected their new knowledge to books they were reading, stories they were writing, or new geography they were learning.”
Mary Dombrowski, Rattlesnake Elementary School, 1-2 Grade Teacher

“Udo’s seminars meshed beautifully with the unit of inquiry that my students were engaging in (which concentrated on culture) and their knowledge gained from the seminar transferred directly to other content areas.  Students began looking at clothing and artifacts in an entirely new way, and their curiosity about how geography affects how people live has increased dramatically.”
Natalie J. Griffin, Lewis & Clark Elementary School, 3rd Grade Teacher

“Many of my students have not traveled beyond the US or even Montana, but, by the end of his sessions, they were very comfortable using the world map and could easily tell you about each hat and its country. As a teacher, it is so satisfying to be a witness as my students grow and connect their previous knowledge to new knowledge about their world.”
Mary Dombrowski, Rattlesnake Elementary School, 1-2 Grade Teacher

“I think BY FAR the most important “take-away” learning for my students is, what I’m sure is a new perspective for them, the fact that people around the world live their lives in different ways.   Another important facet of the seminars is the focus on geography.  The study of maps is part of the second grade curriculum, so that fit in perfectly!  They were fascinated and really enjoyed learning about the lives of people in other societies.”
Annie Hull, Chief Charlo Elementary School, 3rd Grade Teacher

“I teach middle school English at the Missoula International School.  This spring I had the pleasure of being a part of Udo Fluck’s Global Competence series here at MIS.  Udo was a fabulous presenter and his information was pertinent and exciting for our students.” 
Gillian Kessler, Missoula International School

“I have enjoyed these sessions because my world view is changing as we speak.  Instead of assuming things about a culture just because of what I see on the surface, I am asking questions…I now realize that peeling through the onion layers is really hard for everyone and not just for me.  I can’t wait for the next talk and the new, illuminating facts Udo has in store for us.”
A 7th Grader, Missoula International School

“Udo helped me understand culture and many cultural dimensions like, “personal space,” time concepts, etc.  Udo also made me realize that most conflicts are because two cultures disagree.  I also now understand that if I experience another culture, I should first learn what their habits and cultural differences from our culture are…”
A 6th Grader, Missoula International School

“My first grade students were able to connect to the information because of the musical instruments, videos and hats that you brought into the classroom. Since Udo Fluck’s presentations, the students continually refer back to the hats and musical instruments that are used in different countries around the world.  The presentations helped my first graders develop a basic understanding of how people live around the world. This foundation is a stepping block in the development of global competency which is critical for 21st century learners.”
Katy Koster, Rattlesnake Elementary School, 1st Grade Teacher

“Udo Fluck’s classroom visits were engaging and relevant to our study of different communities and people around the world. I can say that over the course of his visits my students gained a better understanding of just how amazingly diverse the people of this world are.”
TJ Decker, Rattlesnake Elementary School, 1st Grade Teacher

"Our collaboration with the Global Gateway Program has extended our Hellgate High School students an opportunity to obtain a global perspective in a way that I simply could not provide as an individual classroom teacher.  Through this collaboration, the Global Gateway Program is helping Hellgate, and the International Baccalaureate Program achieve its' objective of producing engaged students who can critically and creatively look at, think about, and  evaluate the challenges, problems, and assets of our world from a variety of perspectives/worldviews.  Having the opportunity to listen to experts, and other students from a variety of global perspectives, authentically engages students in thinking more broadly about the world in which we live, challenging students to evaluate their own worldviews, while considering others.  Already, I can see the social and academic maturity that this type of approach encourages.  I hope that we can continue to refine, develop and extend this collaboration to benefit even more Hellgate students.  Thanks again for all of your efforts in getting this collaboration going!"
Patrick Murphy, Science Teacher, Hellgate High School

"Global Gateway has exceeded my expectations of what a UM/Roxy collaboration could look like.  It was exciting to watch the OIP/Global Gateway film series attendance build each month as more and more community members--a high percentage being UM foreign students--flowed through our doors.  The Roxy, AKA "Missoula's Community Cinema," is thrilled to continue working and strategizing with Dr. Fluck and Global Gateway."
Chris Sand, Coordinator for The Roxy Theater

"We can know what other countries are like."
Landon, Second Grader, Chief Charlo Elementary School

"It involves maps and it is like we are going all around the world."
Alaina, Second Grader, Chief Charlo School

"The Global Competence Seminars have brought the vast world right into our own little classroom.  Through hands-on experiences, the children have been able to see, hear and touch cultural objects while learning about varied geographical areas of their world."
Carla Woehler, Second Grade Teacher, Chief Charlo Elementary School

"It was really cool to touch the hats and instruments from other countries and to learn about different people in different places, how they live, what they do, how they dress and what music they listen to."
Liam, Second Grader, Chief Charlo Elementary School

"Students in C&I 341 and C&I 287 stated that seminars provided them with a global perspective and connected them to the world helping them to develop into more informed cross-culturally knowledgeable citizens."
Professor Sandra Williams, Department of Curriculum & Instruction, College of Education & Human Sciences

“Since the summer of 2008, I have had the opportunity to attend several global competence classes and seminar workshops from Dr. Fluck during both my undergraduate and graduate programs at The University of Montana. The course curriculum offered by Dr. Fluck through a variety of classes and seminars provides the student of today with the proper skill set to function above and beyond any employer's expectations in the global industries of the 21st century. At the heart of Dr. Fluck's curriculum is the idea of Cross-Cultural Communication and Adaptation; from that basic idea students begin class as separate individuals and end class together as global citizens. Students who decide to complement their degree program with any of Dr. Fluck's courses will gain an understanding of active skills needed in cross-cultural interaction, develop a heightened awareness and sensitivity of global cultures, and generate a drive within them to encourage future positive interaction among all people on a global scale."
Frederick Snyder-Manetti, UM Graduate Student, Human Environmental Interaction and Climate Refugee Research

"If we ever visit other countries, we'll already know what it's like."
Ora, Second Grader, Chief Charlo Elementary School

"The Global Gateway collaboration with Hellgate High School is a great experience for myself personally, and students have had very positive comments regarding what they are gaining as well. The project is a unique, meaningful opportunity for students to expand their cultural awareness and empathy. Speaking with and learning from UM students and staff as high schoolers, my students will advance beyond their grade/age level and gain experience nearly as rich as attending college or traveling abroad. Subject and area experts are a fantastic resource for Hellgate students to draw from, and their questions and responses suggest that they are learning important lessons and expanding their viewpoints in meaningful ways. Thanks again for including our school in this excellent endeavor."
Eric Ojala, Science Teacher, Hellgate High School