2015 Global Competency Certification for Businesses

In March 2015, the University of Montana's Global Gateway and the Montana World Affairs Council teamed up to bring the Missoula community the first ever Global Competency Certification Seminar for Businesses. The seminar was hosted at the Loft, downtown Missoula, 119 West Main Street.

This seminar focused on the areas of developing a firms understanding of culture, its impact in business communication, collaboration, and negotiation, and developing strategies to utilize "culture" to strategically plan your success when dealing with culturally diverse individuals.

Developing global competence does not mean learning endless facts about a great many cultures, but rather understanding how cultures shape beliefs, values, attitudes, communication, collaboration, and negotiation. 

What the Global Competency Certification will do for you:

  • Encourage confidence in the workplace
  • Develop interpersonal skills 
  • Expand your horizons
  • Build trust among your clients