Cascade Upgrade In Progress - August 9, 2017

Do not make content edits at this time. We are currently upgrading Cascade, an email will be sent when the upgrade is complete.

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Cascade Upgrade - August 8, 2017

The Cascade upgrade process will begin at 8am on Tuesday, August 8th. Do not make content changes after this time, even if Cascade appears to be up.

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Cascade 8 Upgrade Delayed - July 28, 2017

The launch of Cascade 8 is being postponed until August 9thCascade will be unavailable on Tuesday, August 8th and will become available when the launch is complete on the 9th. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. We are working to ensure that the new version of Cascade is setup in the best way possible to ensure stability into the future. 

The current version of Cascade will remain available until August 7th.

We appreciate all of the work you have done to prepare for the arrival of Cascade 8. Our trainings have been full and it has been great to see so much engagement from the Cascade community here at UM.

We will be keeping the Cascade 8 website up to date and will communicate future changes. 

Important Links:

Cascade 8 demo taken down - July 25. 2017

We will be bringing the Cascade 8 demo site down as we prepare for the Cascade upgrade.

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Database Update - May 16, 2017 9am

We are updating the Cascade 8 database at 9:15 am. Cascade will go down for approximately 30 minutes. 

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Cascade 8 Beta Access - May 15, 2017

We want you to have the ability to test drive Cascade 8 during the summer.  This will allow us to make sure our documentation is comprehensive while giving you time to get comfortable using the new system.  Cascade 8 will launch August 1st.

Kick the Tires:

Log in to Cascade 8

You can publish to So if your site regularly lives at you will now be able to preview Cascade 8 published changes at If you see any anomalies please let us know immediately. 

Training & Documentation: 

Documentation for Cascade 8 is live! It will be regularly updated and improved as we find areas that need it. We will be scheduling training sessions throughout the summer and they will be available via the IT Short Courses tool.

Kick Off Party

June 1st, 10am - Room 225 in the University Center

WTS Staff will be on-hand to demo and show off the new version of Cascade. We'll also have a training schedule available. 

Cascade 8 Upgrade this Summer - April 11, 2017

This summer, on August 1st, we'll be upgrading to a new version of Cascade. This new version (Cascade 8) is an exciting upgrade to the Cascade Content Management System. It has a new, modern user interface which simplifies the user experience.  In addition, it is faster and is usable on more devices.

We want you to have the ability to test drive Cascade 8 before we go live to give you time to get comfortable using it and to help us make sure our documentation is comprehensive so we can go live on August 1st with confidence. 

Right now we're working on building great documentation and we hope to have that complete by the first of May. At that point, we'll hand over the keys and you'll be able to log into Cascade 8 and kick the tires. You'll be able to edit your sites and publish to a sandbox area, so you'll really be able to try everything before we go live. 

This won't change the way the pages look when they're published, but we will be working to improve and grow the Ponderosa Template this summer as well.

Check out the Cascade blog for more info on Cascade 8