Global Gateway to K-12 Education

The Global Gateway to K-12 Education for Students provides a unique “window-to-the-world” for schools in Missoula. The pilot program included the development of a series of cross-cultural and global competence learning modules, tailored for two elementary schools and one high school in Missoula. These modules were designed to support the teacher in the classroom with their individual curriculum plans and learning goals, by offering an additional, international and global perspective.

The amount of seminars provided to Missoula schools doubled between 2014 and 2015, as the graphs below indicate. Two additional schools, the Missoula International School and Franklin Elementary School joined the Global Gateway partnership in 2015.

Global Competence Seminars in Missoula K-12 Schools in Spring 2015

Global Competence Seminars in Missoula K-12 Schools in Fall 2014

As the graph above indicates, six schools within the Missoula School District participated in the fall 2014 global competence trainings series. Lewis & Clark Elementary School, Rattlesnake Elementary School, Russell Elementary School, Lowell Elementary School, St. Joseph Elementary and Middle School, as well as Hellgate High School. Seminars were specifically developed to meet the pedagogical needs of pre-Kindergarten students to 12th grade learners.

Several professional trainings were also offered to school administrators and teachers, on how to infuse cross-cultural and global competence learning content into existing curricula.

Global Competence Seminars in Missoula K-12 Schools in Spring 2014

This learning portal proudly joins forces with:

  • Montana World Affairs Council (MWAC):
    The MWAC facilitates the Council in the Classroom program. Council in the Classroom utilizes state-of-the-art video-conferencing technology, provided by Inspired Classroom.

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  • Inspired Classroom: Is a curriculum development studio, based in Missoula. Through the program, international experts have the opportunity to be guest speakers, by connecting to schools, students and teachers across Montana.

    Inspired Classroom

Global Gateway is excited about the partnership with Council in the Classroom and Inspired Classroom, to deliver tailor-made seminars that provide students with an international and global perspective, expose students to “outside” content, provide a knowledge foundation, directly engage students, and giving them a chance to become more cross-culturally and globally aware and competent. 

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