Global Gateway at the UM Campus

Campus Seminars Doubled Between 2014 and 2015

The Global Gateway at the UM Campus provides a variety of services to students, faculty and staff on the campus of the University of Montana. This includes providing a resource center, facilitating campus communication and collaboration, in regard to cross-cultural and global competence training needs, global competence research, instructional development and the implementation of seminars, trainings and courses that foster the growth of cross-cultural and global competence knowledge and skills.

Davidson Honors College:  In  spring semester 2014, a new course was developed, titled: Study Abroad Culture Prep, which was offered through the Davidson Honors College as a pilot class.  This course was developed for study abroad students in the Global Leadership Program, the Davidson Honors College, and OIP’s Study Abroad programs. After its successful trial run, the course was expanded and modified, to include the previously offered pre-departure seminars, offered by the Office of Study Abroad. The course is currently offered through the Phyllis Washington College of Education and team-taught by Udo Fluck and Marja Unkuri-Chaudhry, the Director of Study Abroad in the Office of International Programs.

Phyllis Washington College of Education: Since 2009, cross-cultural competence seminars for communication across cultures have been developed and offered to students in the Department of Curriculum & Instruction.

School of Business Administration: Cross-cultural and global knowledge and skills naturally connect to business students and Global Gateway offers various learning opportunities in the School of Business Administration.

Foreign Student and Scholar Services:  This gateway cooperates with the Global Partners program, offered through Foreign Student & Scholar Services, to further internationalize UM's campus.

The Maureen and Mike Mansfield Center: Partnering with the Maureen and Mike Mansfield Center, promotes better understanding of Asia, U.S. relations with Asia and allows access to programs that focus on the peoples and cultures of modern Asia and ethics in public affairs.

Office of Student Success: Global Gateway has facilitated a class to assist international students in their cultural adaptation to the American, and UM campus culture, supporting students' academic growth and personal development.

Academic Enrichment: Through the collaboration with the Office of Academic Enrichment, UM students have the opportunity to participate in Global Gateway activities and events that enrich their education and provide a "window to the world", by offering international and global perspectives at the UM campus and in the Missoula community.

Study Abroad Students:  Since 2006, interactive cultural adaptation trainings have been offered to UM students planning to study abroad. This was first accomplished through individual seminars that were offered to those students. Since spring semester 2014, those seminars are embedded in the Study Abroad Culture Prep class, currently offered through the Phyllis Washington College of Education and team-taught by Udo Fluck and Marja Unkuri-Chaudhry, the Director of Study Abroad in the Office of International Programs. Among other topics, the cultural adaptation trainings are addressing culture shock and reverse culture shock adjustment challenges of UM students in their host cultures abroad.

American Indian Student Services:  For many years, cross-cultural adaptation seminars, were offered during fall orientation at UM through AISS. Those have helped Native students in their cultural transition from reservations to UM campus culture. Many Native Students experience culture shock when moving out of their familiar culture surroundings on their reservation. The cross-cultural adaptation seminars are designed to assist students in their cultural adaptation.

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Teaching a recent cross cultural seminar