Letters to the Editor

Healthy hearts

Everyone knows Montana has world-class fly fishing, but thanks to your meaningful article “The Cutting Edge” (Spring 2007 issue), now they also know Montana has world-class cardiac surgeons and researchers. As your article pointed out, heart disease is an equal-opportunity killer. However, many affected Montanans are still leading healthy lives because of the remarkable work going on at The University of Montana and the International Heart Institute of Montana.

It was Dr. Carlos Duran who put Montana on the map of cardiac care twelve years ago, and we are dedicated to continuing his legacy. The goal is simple—healthy hearts in Montana and around the globe. We are honored to be co-chairing a group of volunteers committed to raising the $2.5 million needed to endow a Chair in Cardiovascular Sciences. With your help we can keep Montana on the forefront of cardiac care. Please contact Mark Schleicher at the UM Foundation at 800-443-2593, or mark.schleicher@mso.umt.edu. Mark can provide you with detailed information and tell you how to get involved in this most significant effort.

George Lambros ’57, Missoula
Jim Cote, Hamilton
Co-chairs, Campaign for Endowed Chair in Cardiovascular Sciences


Since our first Econ 486/495 Empirical Research Design Seminar in 1965, we have learned a lot, shared our results in many journal articles, and had much fun doing it. Let us continue our tradition of annual reunions Friday night of Homecoming weekend (September 28) at my house, 2525 South Higgins, from 5 p.m. until the last person leaves. Burgers and P.P. spouses and friends are welcome.

John Wicks, Professor Emeritus, Economics
via e-mail

Defending hunters

This publication claims it will not publish comments which “malign a person or group.” However, in the Spring 2007 issue you did not hesitate to publish the Wallace Danielson ’50 comments about Richard Venola ’88 and his photo with a gemsbok. His accusations were that hunters in general and Venola in particular are “disgusting, callous, and insensitive.” He then calls the manhood of those people into question.

Are your publication standards only enforced for people you agree with? Publishing Danielson’s comments called your objectivity into question.

We hunt because we are hunters. There would be no humans now if our ancestors, including Danielson’s, had not been hunters.

Curtis Horton ’90


I couldn’t believe my eyes when I read the column titled “Krysko Lands NBA Head Coaching Job.” It states “UM’s all-time leading scorer and rebounder, Krysko … ” Believing that honor still belongs to Shannon Cate, I verified it on montanagrizzlies.com and sure enough, Cate scored 2,172 points from ’88 to ’92 and Krystkowiak scored 2,017 points from ’82 to ’86. He may be the all-time rebounder. I couldn’t find his stats, but Cate had 878 rebounds. Krysko is not the all-time leading scorer and to publish that is to say Shannon Cate’s record means nothing because it was done by a woman. Come on, you can do better. After all, this is University level, not grade school.

Donna A. Morris
Fort Collins, Colorado

ahhh, shucks

I want you to know I think the Montanan is just great. I read it from cover-to-cover as soon as I get it. Keep up the good work!

Robin Gray Allen ’72
Great Falls

go greek

We thank all alumni and students who have contributed time, energy, and money over the last two years in an effort to rebuild the University’s Greek Community.

Since 2005, the Greek Task Force has raised more than $40,000 in the form of tax-deductible contributions, primarily to fund scholarships. Working with the University Alumni Association, the Greek Life Office, and the UM Foundation, we have made great strides in bringing concerted support to the Greek Community.

Expanding the understanding of the long-term benefits of an active Greek Community to the University and to the undergraduates has become our mission. Learning teamwork, holding true to one’s commitments, and becoming responsible to a greater cause are part of a maturing process and not likely to be a part of a curriculum. Historically, the honing of these skills has been a characteristic of the Greek system. When developed, they become instrumental life skills.

The Greek Task Force has become formalized and holds regular weekly conference calls (usually Monday at 11 a.m. MST, 712-580-8020, code 59801) attended by University administrators and alumni nationwide. We encourage ever-greater participation in the calls and in all our endeavors. Please join us.

Brian Dirnberger ’91
President, Greek Task Force, Missoula

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