Cascade Training Videos

What is the Video Series?

Our new Cascade Training video series is our "Cascade 101" training resource for new users and/or a quick refresher for existing users. This training is optional, and is not required in order to receive editing access to UM websites.

The entire training playlist takes about 30 minutes to watch, but has been broken down into small sections so you can skip around if desired.  This series covers everything you'll need in order to get your site up and running, but please remember we are still here to answer any questions you have, and offer help where we can. You can contact us with questions at 406-243-4361 or

Made by Claire O'Brien and Tessa Huston

If you'd like to follow along with some hand-on learning, we recommend opening Cascade in a second browser window and selecting "Ponderosa Demo" from the site selector.  If you do not see "Ponderosa Demo" feel free to contact us.