The University of Montana-Missoula

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Enrollment Services, Admissions, Orientation(406) 243-6266
Business Services (406) 243-2223
College of Technology (406) 243-7882
(In Montana, 1-800-542-6882)
Disability Services TDD (406) 243-2243
University Villages (406) 243-6030
Financial Aid (406) 243-5373
Graduate School(406) 243-2572
Registrar (406) 243-2995
Residence Halls (406) 243-2611
University Switchboard (406) 243-0211

Reserved Rights

The right is reserved to change any of the rules and regulations of the University at any time including those relating to admission, instruction and graduation. The right to withdraw curricula and specific courses, alter course content, change the calendar, and to impose or increase fees similarly is reserved. All such changes are effective at such times as the proper authorities determine and may apply not only to prospective students but also to those who already are enrolled in the University.