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The Maureen and Mike Mansfield Library

Shali Zhang, Dean of Libraries

The Maureen and Mike Mansfield Library at the University of Montana provides an array of information resources and services in support of the curricular and research programs of the university. These resources include traditional library collections and electronic access to networked research databases, e-journal packages, electronic journal subscriptions, media materials, and a Web-based integrated library catalog. Library services include in-depth research and reference assistance, an extensive instruction program integrated into the university curriculum, and full-service computing and copying facilities. Extensive services for distance education students and faculty are available to provide an equitable educational experience.

The Maureen and Mike Mansfield Library comprises the heart of UM’s library system. Collections exceed 1.6 million bound volumes, more than 169,000 electronic books, access to over 33,000 print and electronic journals, an expanding array of electronic databases, over 70,000 media, a federal government depository collection and an Archives and Special Collections. These collections are supplemented by an active interlibrary loan service through which the resources of other libraries are made available to students and faculty. The Mansfield Library is open seven days a week for 111 hours per week during the academic semester. 

Over 130 computers available for student use and wireless access throughout the building provides fast and stable internet connectivity in support of access to electronic resources and access to other networked information. Three state-of-the-art classrooms underscore the goal of the Library as a learning library in which students learn how to access and evaluate information in support of their advancing academic careers. Study carrels, group study rooms, study tables, and soft seating on all floors of the library provide a variety of study environments.  

The Mansfield Library at Missoula College UM (located on the East Campus) supports its curricular programs.  Students and faculty at both campuses have access to all library resources and services.  Students at Bitterroot College UM, in Hamilton, also have full access to the Mansfield Library resources and services.  The library collections at the affiliated UM campuses are located in Butte at Montana Tech, and Highlands College of Montana Tech; in Dillon at The Carson Library of the University of Montana-Western; and in Helena at Helena College the University of Montana.


R- before the course description indicates the course may be repeated for credit to the maximum indicated after the R. Credits beyond this maximum do not count toward a degree.

Library Science (LSCI) - Course Descriptions

191, 192, 200, 291, 292, 391, 392, 491, 492, 595, 596



Barry Brown, M.I.L.S., University of Michigan, 1989

Kimberley M. Granath, M.L.S., University of Oklahoma, 1985

Sue Samson, M.A., University of Missouri, 1977

Associate Professors

Julie Biando Edwards, M.L.I.S., University of Illinois, 2005

Samantha Hines, M.L.I.S., University of Illinois, 2003

Teressa Keenan, M.L.I.S., University of Washington, 2008

Donna McCrea, M.L.I.S., University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, 1999

Tammy Ravas, M.L.S., M.A., State University of New York at Buffalo, 2001, 2003

Kate Zoellner, M.S.I., University of Michigan, 2005       

Assistant Professors

Susanne Caro, M.L.S., Texas Women’s University, Denton, 2006

Angela Dresselhaus, M.L.S., Indiana University, 2009

Sam Meister, M.L.I.S., San Jose State University, 2009

Megan Stark, M.L.I.S., University of Washington, 2009

Wendy Walker, M.L.I.S., San Jose State University, 2007

Adjunct Assistant Professors

John Bales, M.L.I.S, University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee, 2010

Audra Loyal, M.L.I.S., University of Washington, 2009

Kimberly Swanson, M.A., University of Wisconsin – Madison, 1994

Emeritus Professors

Devon Chandler, Ed.D., University of Oregon, 1973

Karen Driessen, M.A., University of Denver, 1967

Richard T. Dunn, M.A.L.S., Rosary College, 1972

William W. Elison, M.A., University of Denver, 1970

Karen Hatcher, M.S., University of Wisconsin, 1964

Christopher Mullin, M.A., University of Washington, 1969

Erling Oelz, M.L.S., University of Illinois, 1969

Dennis Richards, M.L.S., Florida State University, 1963

Bonnie Schuster, M.L.S., University of Minnesota, 1968

Registrar's Office

Lommasson Center 201

Phone: (406) 243-2995

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