School of Law

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Paul Kirgis, Dean

Larry Howell, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs

Hillary Wandler, Associate Dean of Students

Eduardo R. C. Capulong, Associate Dean of Clinical and Experiential Education

The Law School is accredited by the American Bar Association and the Association of American Law Schools, and offers the degree of Juris Doctor (J.D.). Prerequisites for admission to the Law School are a baccalaureate degree and Law School Admission Test.

For detailed information concerning the Law School’s admission criteria, application procedures, facilities, and official course descriptions, consult the Law School Catalog, which may be obtained by calling (406) 243-6169 or visiting the Law School website.

The Law School’s administrative regulations are contained in the Law School Student Handbook, which is on the website. The Law School conforms in most instances to the calendar established for the entire University. There are some differences, however, because the Law School operates on a longer semester system than the rest of the University.

Academic Year Calendar

Access the Law School Academic Calendar on the Law School calendar web page.

Required Curriculum

Plan of Study Grid
First YearHours
LAW 500 Civil Procedure I 3
LAW 502 Contracts 4
LAW 504 Law Fund: T&P 1
LAW 505 Law Fund: T & P 2
LAW 506 Law Fund: Research 2
LAW 508 Law Fund: Analysis 1
LAW 509 Legal Writing I 3
LAW 510 Criminal Law 3
LAW 512 Torts 4
LAW 550 Property 4
Second Year
LAW 552 Federal Tax (May be taken Second or Third year) 3
LAW 554 Business Organizations 3
LAW 555 Professional Responsibility 3
LAW 556 Business Transactions 2
LAW 557 Trial Practice 2
LAW 558 Constitutional Law 4
LAW 560 Evidence 3
Third Year
LAW 600 Clinical Trng III 1-6
LAW 601 Clinical Trng IV 1-6
 Total Hours47

Elective Courses

(Offerings vary year to year)

LAW 665Administrative Law3
LAW 507Global Perspectives on Law5
LAW 511Criminal Procedure3
LAW 520Wild Life Law2
LAW 522Domestic Violence2
LAW 523Juvenille Justice2
LAW 524Legislation: Law & Politics3
LAW 525Lawyers Values3
LAW 533Civil rights Litigation2
LAW 530Climate Change2
LAW 538Art & Cultural Property3
LAW 539International Environ Law3
LAW 548Tax Practice & Procedure2
LAW 580Corporate Tax2
LAW 677Environmental Law Research1
LAW 615Advanced Legal Research2
LAW 617Adv Prob Fed Indian Law3
LAW 604Adv Constitutional Law3
LAW 605Animal Law2
LAW 607Law and Literature1
LAW 608Adv Leg Res Ac Writing2
LAW 609UCC Article 22
LAW 613Nat Res Conflict Resolution3
LAW 614Alt Dispute Resolution3
LAW 616Appellate Advocacy3
LAW 618Montana Constitut Law3
LAW 619Amer Ind Natural Res Law3
LAW 621Bankruptcy3
LAW 622Employment Law3
LAW 624Insurance Law3
LAW 625Gender and the Law1
LAW 628Remedies3
LAW 630Lawyers' Values3
LAW 631Law Practice1
LAW 634Public International Law3
LAW 635Partnership Tax2
LAW 637Healthcare Law2
LAW 639Tax of Business Entities3
LAW 640Tax of Property Transact2
LAW 641Negotiations3
LAW 643Am Ind Cult Religion Freedom3
LAW 644White Collar Crime2
LAW 646State and Local Government3
LAW 648Federal Indian Law3
LAW 650Intro Envirolaw3
LAW 651Oil and Gas Law3
LAW 653Conflict of Laws2
LAW 654Public Land & Res Law3
LAW 655Taxation of Estates & Gifts3
LAW 656Agricultural Law2
LAW 657Products Liability3
LAW 658Real Estate Transactions2
LAW 659Estate Planning3
LAW 663Water Law3
LAW 664Philosophy of Law3
LAW 669Family Law3
LAW 670Child Advocacy2
LAW 671Federal Courts2
LAW 672Alt Dispute Resol Fam Med3
LAW 678Renewable Energy2
LAW 682Copyright/Trademark Laws2
LAW 687Land Use Planning Law3
LAW 688Tribal Courts/Tribal Law3
LAW 691Indian Child Welfare1