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BIOE 342 - Field Ecology. 5 Credits.

Offered summers only at Flathead Lake Biological Station. Prereq., BIOB 272 and one year of college math, including statistics. The principles and practices of the study of animals and plants in their natural environments, including human influences, with focus on the Crown of the Continent area of the Rock Mountains and taught entirely outdoors.

Biology B.S. - Field Ecology

Degree Specific Credits: 69-85 Required Cumulative GPA: 2.0 Catalog Year: 2018-2019 Note: The Field Ecology Concentration is for students interested in field-based ecology. Students with this concentration spend one or two summers taking field courses at the Flathead Lake Biological Station . This concentration is a graduate prep program, and is for students interested in academia or employment at a governmental, private, or non-profit agency. General Education Requirements Information regarding these requirements can be found in the  General Education Section of the catalog.  Summary