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M 172 - Calculus II. 4 Credits.

Offered autumn and spring. Prereq., M 171 or M 181. Techniques of Integration. Area computations. Improper integrals. Infinite series and various convergence tests. Power series. Taylor's Formula. Polar coordinates. Parametric curves.

Gen Ed Attributes: Math Competency Course

Mathematics Minor

A handout with detailed advice for Math minors, including suggested curricula, is available on the Math Department’s home page .

Economics B.A.

...economics should take M 171 and M 172 and consider M 221 , M 307 and...

Geography B.A.

...take M 115 . Students who successfully complete M 122 , M 171 , or M 172 also...

Astronomy Minor

...for the Astronomy minor are M 171 , M 172 , and M 273 Summary Lower-Division...

Geography B.S. - Physical Geography

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