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PHSX 215N - Fund of Physics w/Calc I. 4 Credits.

Offered autumn. Prereq. or coreq., PHSX 216N and M 171 or equiv. This course satisfies the lecture portion of medical and technical school requirements in general physics. Mechanics, fluids, waves and sound. Credit not allowed for both PHSX 215N/PHSX 218N and PHSX 205N/PHSX 208N.

Gen Ed Attributes: Natural Science Course (N)

Physics Minor

Degree Specific Credits: 24 Required Cumulative GPA: 2.0 Catalog Year: 2018-2019 Note: Mathematics prerequisites for the physics minor are M 171 , M 172 , M 273 , (and M 221 if needed). Summary

Astronomy Minor

...Note: The Physics with Calculus series ( PHSX 215N - PHSX 218N ) is strongly recommended. Minimum Required...