Sustainable Business Strategy Certificate

Certificate of Art - Sustainable Business Strategy

School of Business Admin

Catalog Year: 2014-2015

Degree Specific Credits: 12

Required Cumulative GPA: 3.0

Note: In addition to the above requirements, students are required to complete the following:
- Meet with a SBSC certificate advisor;
- After completion of the two required courses, complete one "hands-on" experience to learn to apply and to demonstrate proficiency with sustainable business strategies and tools, as approved by the SBSC advisor (either an internships/service learning experience or case writing/submission; and
- Attend and complete an assignment on two speaker presentations on topics relating to Sustainability & Business as approved by the SBSC advisor.
Please meet with an SBSC advisor for assistance (see SoBA Advising for list of advisors by major).

SBSC Required Courses

Rule: All courses are required

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Show Description BGEN 445 - Sustainability Reporting
Offered spring. Prereq., junior, senior, or graduate standing. This course provides students with an understanding of sustainability reporting by organizations. Topics covered include sustainability reporting metrics for the public disclosure of the economic, environmental, and social impacts of organizations. Regulation of sustainability reporting, greenwashing, and external assurance of sustainability reports are also covered.
3 Credits
Show Description BMGT 410 - Sustainable Business Practices
Offered autumn. Prereq., junior standing. This course explores how changing perceptions around environmental and social issues influence current business practices. Through this exploration, we discuss the impact these influences have on business and how adept firms can gain competitive advantage through embracing and integrating them into their core strategies.
3 Credits
Minimum Required Grade: C- 6 Total Credits Required

SBSC Elective Courses

Rule: Must choose 2

Note: Note: Only 3 credits of BMGT 493 - International Experience can count towards the 6 required elective credits for the SBSC. BMGT 493 must be approved through SBSC advisor as having a focus on sustainability issues.

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Show Description BMGT 493 - International Experience
(R-6) offered intermittently. Prereq., junior standing in business. Field-based, experiential courses that focus on international business topics, incl. the culture and business environment of important U.S. trading partners, such as China, Germany, or Italy.
1 To 6 Credits
Show Description ECNS 445 - Int Env Econ & Clim Change
Offered autumn every other year.  Same as CCS 445, EVST 445.  Prereq., ECNS 201S. An introduction to the economics of various policy approaches towards climate change and other international environmental issues such as trans-boundary pollution problems, international trade and the environment and pollution haven hypothesis.
3 Credits
Show Description ENST 367 - Envr Politics & Policies
Offered autumn. Foundation in public lands history, bedrock environmental laws, policy processes and institutions.  Research and analysis of current environmental and natural resource policy issues.  Focus is domestic illustrated by case studies.
3 Credits
Show Description ENST 487 - Globalization, Justice & Envir
Offered autumn. Study of current trends in economic globalization and its effects on efforts to work for social justice and environmental sustainability, particularly in the Global South.  Examination of different models and theories of globalization, analysis of ethical issues raised, and assessment of alternatives proposed.
3 Credits
Show Description GEO 482 - Global Change
Offered Spring. Same as CCS 482. Prereq., upper division/higher standing in Geosciences or consent of instructor. Lectures, readings, discussions and practicum on the complexity of global climate. Emphasizes the physical, geochemical and geologic processes affecting climate change over geologic and recent time scales.
3 Credits
Show Description NRSM 408 - Global Cycles and Climate
Offered spring even-numbered years.  An analysis of the earth’s major global biogeochemical cycles with a focus on the ways and extent to which each of them influences and interacts with the global climate system.  
3 Credits
Show Description NRSM 449E - Climate Change Ethics/Policy
Offered autumn. Same as CCS 449E. This course focuses on the ethical dimensions of climate change policy. It will cover the following major topics: (1) climate change, personal and collective responsibilities, (2) ethics, climate change and scientific uncertainty, (3) distributive justice and international climate change negotiations, (4) intergenerational justice and climate change policy.
3 Credits
Show Description NRSM 475 - Environment & Development
Offered spring. Co-convened with NRSM 575. Examines key social forces that influence how individuals, groups and nation-states understand and live within their bio-physical environments, especially policies and processes relating to development, corporate capitalism, globalization, culture, class and other forms of power and social relations. Pays close attention to ways both indigenous and introduced resource use and management practices (including conservation) variably impact people of different races, classes, genders, cultures and livelihood practices. Cannot get credit for both NRSM 475 and NRSM 575.
3 Credits
Minimum Required Grade: C- 6 Total Credits Required