Biology Minor

Minor - Biology

College Humanities & Sciences

Catalog Year: 2014-2015

Degree Specific Credits: 25

Required Cumulative GPA: 2.0

Biology/Microbiology Lower Division Core

Rule: All of the following courses are required.

Note: The lower division core should be completed before attempting most upper division BIO_ courses.

AP Biology may be substituted for either BIOB 160N or BIOB 170N/171N.

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Show Description BIOB 160N - Principles of Living Systems
Offered autumn and summer.  Unifying principles of biological structure-function relationships at different levels of organization and complexity. Consideration of reproduction, genetics, development, evolution, ecosystems, as well as the inter-relationships of the human species to the rest of life.  Lab experiences illustrate biological principles underlying growth, reproduction, development, genetics and physiology.  Credit not allowed for both BIOB 101N and 160N.
4 Credits
Show Description BIOB 170N - Princpls Biological Diversity
Offered spring and summer.  Survey of the diversity, evolution and ecology of life including prokaryotes, viruses, protista, fungi, plants and animals.
3 Credits
Show Description BIOB 171N - Princpls Biological Dvrsty Lab
Offered spring and summer.  Coreq., BIOB 170N. The diversity of life including prokaryotes, viruses, protista, fungi, plants and animals including structure and evolutionary relationships.
2 Credits
Show Description BIOB 260 - Cellular and Molecular Biology
Offered autumn and summer. Prereq. BIOB 160N (preferred) or BCH 110/111 (preferred) or B- or higher in BIOH 112; and either CHMY 123 or CHMY 143. Analytical exploration of the structure and function of the cell, the fundamental unit of life, with an emphasis on energy transformations and information flow. Topics include molecular building blocks, membranes, organelles, and mechanisms of replication, gene expression, metabolism, signal transduction, cell birth, cell death, and cell differentiation.
4 Credits
Show Description BIOB 272 - Genetics and Evolution
Offered spring and summer. Prereq., either BIOB 260 OR both BIOB 160N and BIOB 170N/171N; and one of M 121, 122, 151, 162, or 171. Principles and mechanisms of inheritance and evolution. Population genetics, fossil record, macroevolution, speciation, extinction, systematics, molecular evolution.
4 Credits
Minimum Required Grade: C- 17 Total Credits Required

Upper Division Biology Requirement for the Minor

Rule: Complete 8 credits of Upper Division in Biology (BIOB, BIOE, BIOH, BIOL, or BIOO)

Note: These eight credits may not include BIOC, BCH, or BIOM courses.

Minimum Required Grade: C-
8 Total Credits Required