Microbiology Minor

Minor - Microbiology

College Humanities & Sciences

Catalog Year: 2014-2015

Degree Specific Credits: 19

Required Cumulative GPA: 2.0

Microbiology Core Courses

Rule: All of the following courses are required.

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Show Description BIOM 360 - Gen Microbiolgy (equiv to 260)
Offered autumn. Prereq., CHMY 123N or 143N; Prereq. or coreq., BIOB 260. Microbial structure and function, growth and reproduction, physiology, ecology, genetics, environmental factors, control of microorganisms and sterility, antimicrobial agents, microbial diversity.
3 Credits
Show Description BIOM 361 - Gen Microbiolgy Lb (equiv 261)
Offered autumn. Prereq. or coreq., BIOM 360. Basic microbiology procedures and techniques.
2 Credits
Show Description BIOM 410 - Microbial Genetics
Offered spring.  Prereq., BIOM 360 and 361.  The molecular genetics of prokaryotic organisms including: structure and replication of the prokaryotic chromosome; gene expression; mutagenesis and DNA repair; plasmids and other tools of genetic engineering; transmission of genetic material and recombination in prokaryotes; regulation of gene expression in prokaryotes; recombinant DNA and biotechnology.
3 Credits
Show Description BIOM 411 - Exprmntl Microbial Genetcs Lab
Offered spring. Prereq. or coreq., BIOM 410. Experiments in microbial genetics: Analysis of genes and genomes.
1 Credits
Show Description BIOM 415 - Microbial Dvrsty Eclgy & Evltn
Offered spring. Prereq., BIOB 260, 272, BIOM 360-361 or consent of instr. A broad overview of the physiological, phylogenetic and genomic diversity and ecology of microorganisms within a framework of general ecological principles.  Focuses on microbial interactions with their environment at the level of the individual, population and community, including intimate associations with plants and animals.  Surveys current methods for studying microbial ecology and diversity in the environment.
3 Credits
Show Description BIOM 450 - Microbial Physiology
Offered autumn. Prereq., BIOM 360-361. Microbial structure and function, physiological diversity, microbial metabolism, role of microbial activity in the environment.
3 Credits
Show Description BIOM 451 - Microbial Physiology Lab
Offered autumn. Coreq., BIOM 450. Experimental approaches to analysis of microbial structure, composition and metabolism.
1 Credits
Minimum Required Grade: C- 16 Total Credits Required

Additional Upper Division Microbiology Requirement

Rule: Complete 3 additional upper division credits in BIOM

Minimum Required Grade: C-
3 Total Credits Required