Language Rejuvenation and Maintenance Certificate

Certificate of Art - Language Rejuvenation & Maint

College Humanities & Sciences

Catalog Year: 2014-2015

Degree Specific Credits: 18

Required Cumulative GPA: 2.0

Core Courses

Rule: All courses are required

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Show Description ANTY 476 - Methods for Native Languages
(R-6) Offered Spring.  Prereq., NASX 201X or consent of instruc.  In an effort to highlight promising methodologies that will advance the success of Native language acquisition and instruction, students will be exposed to an innovative methodology while being instructed in an Indigenous language.
3 Credits
Show Description CSD 210 - Speech & Lang Devel
Offered autumn. Sophomore standing or greater. Topics include typical speech and language development, phonology, semantic, morphological, syntax, and pragmatics, along with individual differences, second language acquisition and literacy.
3 Credits
Show Description NASX 201X - Indian Cultr Exprssd Thru Lang
Offered Autumn. This course has been designed to introduce students to a non-Western perspective of the relationship that exists between Indian cultures and their languages.  Students will be exposed to various languages of American Indian peoples, and how through Native languages insight can be gained into history, traditions, and cultural life-ways of Indian peoples.
3 Credits
Minimum Required Grade: C- 9 Total Credits Required

Degree Electives

Rule: Complete a minimum of 9 credits from the following list of courses

Note: ANTY 476 may be repeated for elective credits.

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Show Description ANTY 326E - Indigenous Peoples & Globl Dev
Offered spring odd-numbered years. This class will examine the impact of global development on tribal and Indigenous peoples. Topics will include land issues, health, employment, and cultural change caused by global development and explore how these societies are resisting and adapting to their changing world.
3 Credits
Show Description ANTY 423 - Culture and Identity
Offered spring. Prereq., ANTY 220E or consent of instr. The comparative study of identity formation along and across racial, ethnic, and ethno-national lines. Emphasis on issues of ethnogenesis, cultural resistance, transformation, domination, colonialism as well as sharing to understand both the cultural commonalties and differences in identity formation.
3 Credits
Show Description NASX 141 - Elementary Blackfoot I
Offered intermittently autumn.  An introduction to the Blackfoot language and culture. Students will learn how to write and read Blackfoot as well as how to conduct simple conversations.
4 Credits
Show Description NASX 235X - Oral/Written Trads Native Amer
Offered Autumn and Spring.  Analysis of the oral traditions of Native Americans including an introduction to the literary works of early leading American Indian writers.
3 Credits
Show Description PSCI 411 - Nonprofit Grant Writing
Online course offered every year. Students learn how to write the essential parts of a grant proposal and how to search for appropriate funding sources. 
2 Credits
Show Description PSCI 412 - Nonprofit Fundraising
Online course offered every year.  The course will cover all major aspects of a fundraising plan including: annual fund, major gifts, capital campaigns, planned giving, grants and special events. The course will also give students the foundation and tools needed to implement these plans into action.
2 Credits
Minimum Required Grade: C- 9 Total Credits Required