Health Information Technology Health Professions

This is an advising track only and not an official program as recognized by the University of Montana (UM) or the Montana University System. This information will not appear on your UM transcript, diploma, university lists, student data system, or university publication. You do not fill out a major change for a track.

Professional Certificate - Health Information Technology; Track: Health Professions

Missoula College

Catalog Year: 2014-2015

Degree Specific Credits: 18

Required Cumulative GPA: 2.0

Note: This certificate requires the courses below in addition to the successful completion of a degree in a clinical health profession-related field, i.e. nursing.

Computing courses

Rule: All courses are required

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Show Description CSCI 172 - Intro to Computer Modeling
Offered autumn and spring. Prereq., M 090 or higher; or ALEKS Math Placement Test Score >2. Problem solving and data modeling using computer productivity software. Emphasis using spreadsheets and database for data analysis. Credit not allowed for CSCI 172, CRT 172, and CS 172
3 Credits
Show Description CSCI 240 - Databases and SQL
Offered autumn. Prereq., CSCI 172 or consent of instr. Relational database design including: requirements analysis, data structure, entity relationships, normalization, relational algebra and integrity. Physical implementation focusing on data storage; retrieval and modification; concurrency; optimization; security; SQL; and XML.
3 Credits
Show Description HIT 101 - Intro to Healthcare Informatic
Introduces the discipline of healthcare information technology. An overview of the subject including history, basic knowledge of healthcare informatics and tools as applied in support of healthcare delivery. Students will gain an introductory level about the complexities of health care and how informatics fits within the US Healthcare System.
3 Credits
Show Description HIT 265 - Electronic Health Records
Prereq., HIT 101. An introduction to the electronic health record (EHR). Students will study the use of the EHR in improving healthcare quality, accessibility, and cost-effectiveness. EHR implementation and its use within the internal clinical office will be examined. The EHR will be studied in the context of a comprehensive Health Information System (HIS) supporting our society’s interdisciplinary clinical healthcare system.
3 Credits
Show Description ITS 150 - CCNA 1: Exploration
Offered autumn and spring. M 090 or ALEKS score >2 recommended prior to taking course. Introduction to networking field including terminology; protocols; local-area and wide-area networks; the OSI model; topologies; IP addressing; cabling and cabling tools; routers and router programming. Ethernet and network standards; and wireless technologies.
3 Credits
Show Description ITS 210 - Network OS - Desktop
Offered autumn. Prereq., ITS 150. In-depth study of a secure, multi-user, client-based network operating system. Topics include installation, administration of resources, performance, network services, and security.
3 Credits
Minimum Required Grade: C- 18 Total Credits Required