Entrepreneurship A.A.S.

Students selecting the Entrepreneurship option will focus on venture initiation, constructing business plans, generating financing, and beginning operations. Areas of study focus on the critical factors involved in accounting, sales strategy, advertising and marketing issues complemented with supervisory skills. Students gain knowledge of basic disciplines of business through both classroom and hands-on training. Computer technology and web development are added components to assist students to compete in today’s changing business climate. Successful graduates will depart with a comprehensive business plan and presentation skills required to approach financiers.

Associate of Applied Science - Management; Entrepreneurship Option

Missoula College

Catalog Year: 2014-2015

Degree Specific Credits: 67

Required Cumulative GPA: 2.0

Note: See Program Director for scope and sequence advising.
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AAS Business Management, Entrepreneurship

Rule: All courses required

Note: BMGT 298 Management Internship is a 2 crt course.

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Show Description ACTG 101 - Accounting Procedures I
Offered autumn and spring.  Basic double-entry accounting.  Emphasis on analyzing, journalizing, and posting transactions; trial balance, worksheet, financial statements, and adjusting/closing procedures, accounting systems, and cash control.
4 Credits
Show Description ACTG 102 - Accounting Procedures II
Offered autumn and spring.  Prereq., ACTG 101 with competency test score of 75% or better.  Expansion of ACTG 101 including receivables, inventories, plant and intangible assets, and expanded liabilities.  Includes partnerships, corporations, long-term liabilities, investments in debt and equity securities, and the statement of cash flow.
4 Credits
Show Description ACTG 180 - Payroll Accounting
Offered autumn and spring. Prereq., ACTG 101 with competency test score of 75% or greater. Comprehensive payroll course including computation/preparation of paychecks, completing deposits and payroll tax returns, informational returns and issues relating to identification and compensation of independent contractors. Includes state and federal payroll law. Introduction to Montana's Department of Labor and Industry, Unemployment Insurance Division, an State Compensation Insurance Fund.
3 Credits
Show Description BGEN 235 - Business Law
Offered autumn and spring. This course provides an overview of law as it applies to business transactions. Topics include the nature and source of law; courts and procedure; contracts, sales, and employment; commercial paper; bailment's; property; business organizations; insurance; wills and estate planning; consumer and creditor protection; torts; criminal law; and agency law. Credit not allowed for both BGEN 235 and BADM 257.
3 Credits
Show Description BMGT 216 - Psych of Mgmt & Supervision
Offered autumn. Management theory, research, and the practice of management. Topics covered include leadership styles and techniques, effective communication approaches, time management, decision making, delegation, and the basic functions of supervisory skills.
4 Credits
Show Description BMGT 298 - Management Internship
(R 3) Offered every term. Extended classroom experience which provides practical application of classroom learning during placements within the business community. The student must complete a learning agreement with a faculty member, relating the placement opportunity to his or her field of study. A maximum of 6 credits of Internship (198, 298, 398, 498) may count toward graduation.
1 To 3 Credits
Show Description BMGT 299 - Capstone:Entrepreneurship
Offered spring. Prereq., CAPP 120. An overview of the skill areas and business principles needed to start and operate a small business. Includes developing a business plan, identifying sources of capital formation, managing growth, and marketing issues related to new ventures.
3 Credits
Show Description BMKT 112 - Applied Sales
Offered autumn. Course provides students with basic sales skills through the use of experiential training, role-playing and evaluating presentations.  Includes the steps in prospecting, opening, presenting, demonstrating, handling objections, and closing the sale.  Students will gain experience through role-playing activities, observations, and written presentations.
2 Credits
Show Description BMKT 114 - Psychology of Selling
Offered spring. Development of selling techniques which are used by many of the world's best companies and explanation of why they work. Includes the psychological reasons that prevent a prospect from purchasing a product or service and the techniques to motivate a prospect to buy.
3 Credits
Show Description BMKT 225 - Marketing
Offered autumn. An overview of marketing activities including the consumer buying decision process, distribution channels, the planning process, and new marketing trends. Students learn how to introduce a new product into the market place, target markets, and promote products through advertising and package design.
3 Credits
Show Description BMKT 240 - Advertising
Offered spring. Exposure to the history and fundamentals of advertising; in-depth exploration of advertising media, budget plans, ad campaign designs, and in-house promotion designs; and the production of actual radio, television, and print advertising.
3 Credits
Show Description BUS 210 - Critical Analysis for Business
Offered autumn and spring.  Prereq., WRIT 101 or equivalent, or instructor approval.  This is an analysis, critical thinking, and writing course.  Students will be introduced to traditional Western philosophy through study and discussion of Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle.  Students analyze theories of knowledge and morality in relationship to current events within American Democracy and Law.
3 Credits
Show Description BUS 238T - Financial Planning
Offered autumn. This course deals with personal financial planning and investments.  The course will focus on a variety of personal finance topics including, the time value of money, liquid asset management, federal income and estate taxes, credit cards, consumer loans, automobile purchases, and insurance.  The course then looks at long-term investing.  Special topics covered include stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and tax-deferred retirement plans.  There are two overall goals of the course.  The first goal is to provide students with knowledge that will help you avoid commonly occurring errors in the management of personal finances.  The second goal is to introduce you to some of the key concepts underlying the discipline of finance. 
3 Credits
Show Description CAPP 120 - Introduction to Computers
Offered autumn and spring. Introduction to computer terminology, hardware, and software, including wire/wireless communications and multimedia devices. Students utilize word processing, spread sheet, database, and presentation applications to create projects common to business and industry in a networked computing environment. Internet research, email usage, and keyboarding proficiency are integrated.
3 Credits
Show Description COMX 111A - Intro to Public Speaking
Offered every term. Preparation, presentation, and criticism of speeches. Emphasis on the development of public speaking techniques through constructive criticism. Credit not allowed for both COMM 111A and COM 160A.
3 Credits
Show Description CSCI 172 - Intro to Computer Modeling
Offered autumn and spring. Prereq., M 090 or higher; or ALEKS Math Placement Test Score >2. Problem solving and data modeling using computer productivity software. Emphasis using spreadsheets and database for data analysis. Credit not allowed for CSCI 172, CRT 172, and CS 172
3 Credits
Show Description ECNS 201S - Principles of Microeconomics
Offered every term.  The nature of a market economy, economic decisions of the household and firm, competition and monopoly, value and price determination, distribution of income and applied microeconomic topics.
3 Credits
Show Description M 115 - Probability and Linear Math
Offered every term. Prereq., M 090 with a grade of B- or better, or M 095, or ALEKS placement >= 3. Systems of linear equations and matrix algebra. Introduction to probability with emphasis on models and probabilistic reasoning. Examples of applications of the material in many fields.
3 Credits
Show Description MART 214 - Digital Publishing & Design
Offered autumn and spring. Prereq., CAPP 120, CSCI 105, or consent of instr. A comprehensive foundation of layout and design principles to integrate digital media essential for effective print-based and web-based business publications.
3 Credits
Show Description MART 232 - Interactive Web II
Offered autumn and spring. Prereq., CAPP 120, CSCI 105, or consent of instr. Provides a background and foundation skills required for designing and implementing Web sites for public and private organizations. Marketing and design techniques are applied using state-of-the-art software.
3 Credits
Show Description PSYX 161S - Fund of Organizational Psych
Offered autumn and spring. Foundation in the psychological processes that influence behavior of people in organizational settings.
3 Credits
Show Description WRIT 101 - College Writing I
UM: Offered every term. Prereq., WRIT 095 or proof of passing score on writing diagnostic examination, referral by WRIT 095 instructor-SAT writing score at or above 440, MUSWA at or above 3.5, SAT/ACT essay score at or above 7, or ACT Combined English/Writing score at or above 18. Expository prose and research paper; emphasis on structure, argument, development of ideas, clarity, style, and diction. Students expected to write without major faults in grammar or usage. Credit not allowed for both WRIT 101 and COM 101. Grading A-F, or NC (no credit). MC: Offered every term. Prereq., WRIT 095 or proof of appropriate SAT/ACT essay, English/Writing, writing section scores, appropriate MUSWA scores, or proof of passing scores on Writing Placement Exam). Expository prose and research paper; emphasis on structure, argument, development of ideas, clarity, style, and diction. Students expected to write without major faults in grammar or usage. Grading A-F, or NC (no credit).
3 Credits
Minimum Required Grade: C- 67 Total Credits Required