Registered Nursing A.A.S.

Dixie McLaughlin, Interim Program Director

The Associate of Science degree (A.S.N.) program articulates with the PN program and requires at least two additional semesters of full-time study. Applicants must have completed a PN program with the A.A. pre-nursing courses listed in the practical nursing course of study, and have a cumulative GPA of at least 2.75.  A.A.S. PN students are eligible to apply to the A.S.N. program during the final semester of the A.A.S. PN program.  Admission to the program also requires completion of the application which can be obtained on the Missoula College UM Nursing webpage. The number of students accepted into the A.S.N. program is limited to 18 each autumn and spring. Of the 18 students accepted, 10 are in the on campus, face-to-face program and 8 are part of the Goodman hybrid program. Application deadlines are April 1 and November 1. All candidates who meet the admission requirements will be considered. Students learn Registered Nursing skills through independent study, lectures, simulations, demonstrations and advanced skills practice in the nursing lab. Under instructor supervision and preceptorship, students also provide patient care in a variety of acute care settings.

The A.S.N. degree program is approved by the State Board of Nursing (301 South Park, Helena, MT 59601).  The program is accredited by the National League of Nursing Accrediting Commission (NLNAC) (3343 Peachtree Road NE, Suite 850, Atlanta, GA 30326).

Associate of Science - Registered Nursing

Missoula College

Catalog Year: 2014-2015

Degree Specific Credits: 26

Required Cumulative GPA: 3.0

Note: Successful completion of pre-nursing courses and Practical Nursing courses within 2 attempts and acceptance through an application process is needed for entrance into the Associate of Science Nursing Program. Students may apply to the Associate of Science Nursing Program transferring directly from successful completion of a Practical Nursing Program or as a Licensed Practical Nurse.

Registered Nursing

Rule: All courses required

Note: Students must pass all NRSG courses with a minimum grade of a B.
It is highly recommended that students have BIOM 250N, BIOM 251N and SOCI 101S completed prior to admission to the ASN program. BIOM 250N, BIOM 251N and SOCI 101S are required for graduation from the program. Total credits for the ASN Registered Nursing Degree is 78. This includes pre-nursing credits (26 credits), AAS Practical Nursing credits (26 credits), and ASN Registered Nursing credits (26 credits).

Show All Course Descriptions Course Credits
Show Description BIOM 250N - Microbiology for Hlth Sciences
Offered spring.   Infectious diseases, including concepts of virulence, resistance, prevention and control of microbial diseases in the individual and in the community. If laboratory experience is desired, the student may enroll concurrently in BIOM 251. Credit not allowed toward a major in microbiology.
3 Credits
Show Description BIOM 251 - Microbiology Hlth Sciences Lab
Offered spring.  Prereq. or coreq., BIOM 250N. Observation of live microorganisms, their characteristics and activities. Experience with microbiological techniques. Credit not allowed toward a major in microbiology.
1 Credits
Show Description NRSG 250 - LPN to RN Transition
Offered autumn and spring.  Prereq., admission to the registered nursing program and current unencumbered LPN license.  Focus on the role transition from LPN to RN in relation to the concepts and principles of holistic nursing care.  Focus is on the continuing development of roles and responsibilities of the RN as defined by the scope of practice standards, nursing theory and conceptual models.
2 Credits
Show Description NRSG 252 - Cmplx Care Maternal/Child Clnt
Offered spring and autumn semester.  Prepares the student to provide care to maternal/child clients experiencing acutely changing conditions in settings where outcomes are less predictable.  Topics include care of the client during childbirth, high-risk pregnancies, obstetrical emergencies, neonatal emergencies, and infants and children requiring complex collaborative care.   
3 Credits
Show Description NRSG 254 - Complex Care/Mntl Hlth Client
Offered spring and autumn.  Explores physiological, psychological, sociocultural, spiritual and environmental factors associated with mental health/illness.  Focus is placed on psychotherapeutic management in the continuum of care, milieu management and special populations with emphasis on individuals, families and communities.
2 Credits
Show Description NRSG 256 - Pathophysiology
Offered spring and autumn.  Prereq: successful acceptance into the ASRN Nursing Program.  An introduction to the basic principles and processes of pathophysiology including cellular communication, genes and genetic disease, forms of cellular injury, fluid and electrolyte/acid base balance, immunity, stress coping and illness, and tumor biology.  Pathophysiology of the most common alterations according to body system will also be discussed as well as the latest developments in research related to each area.
3 Credits
Show Description NRSG 262 - Complex Care Needs - Adult Cli
Offered spring and autumn. Prepares the student to provide nursing care to adult client's experience acutely changing conditions in setting where outcome is less predictable.  Emphasis is placed on the nurse's repsonse to emergent/life-threatening/rapidly changing conditions.  Topics covered include collaborative therapeutic modalities related to acute/complex neurological, cardiac, respiratory, hematological, endocrinologic events, shock, sepsis/SARS, complex burns, etc.
4 Credits
Show Description NRSG 265 - Advanced Clinical Skills
Offered spring and autumn.  Prepares students to carry out complex nursing interventions.  Topics covered include central venous therapy, parenteral nutrition hemodynamic monitoring, advanced airway/ventilator support, intracranial pressure monitoring, IV  medication administration, high risk IV infusions, blood/blood product administration, conscious sedation, advanced wound care, etc.
1 Credits
Show Description NRSG 266 - Managed Client Care
Offered spring and autumn.  Covers topics related to integrated nursing care of individual clients and groups as well as basic principles related to supervision of nursing practice and management of resources.
4 Credits
Show Description SOCI 101S - Introduction to Sociology
Offered every term. Overview of the principles and concepts used in the study of human social interaction, groups, communities and societies. Required of all majors.
3 Credits
Minimum Required Grade: B 26 Total Credits Required