Diesel Equipment Technology A.A.S.

The mission of the Diesel Technology Program is to provide the regional workforce with credentialed, skilled and competent diesel technicians and to be responsive to emerging workforce needs. 

Students in the Diesel Technology program train to be diesel mechanics that repair diesel-powered trucks and heavy equipment. Students study hydraulics, electrical systems, fuel systems, power trains, air conditioning, brakes and suspension, engine theory, and engine diagnosis, beginning with basic principles and proceeding to an advanced level of system technology. Along with these core courses, students take classes in welding, machining, computers, communications, and math. Credit for independent study is available to those desiring additional instruction in diesel mechanics. Students who complete the program successfully are awarded the Associate of Applied Science degree.

The program often has a waiting list. Prospective students are encouraged to apply one year prior to anticipated school attendance. Contact the Jim Headlee, Program Director, at 406-243-7648 or Jim.Headlee@umontana.edu for more information.

Associate of Applied Science - Diesel Technology

Missoula College

Catalog Year: 2014-2015

Degree Specific Credits: 66

Required Cumulative GPA: 2.0

Diesel Equpment Technology

Rule: Required courses for Diesel Mechanics

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Show Description CAPP 120 - Introduction to Computers
Offered autumn and spring. Introduction to computer terminology, hardware, and software, including wire/wireless communications and multimedia devices. Students utilize word processing, spread sheet, database, and presentation applications to create projects common to business and industry in a networked computing environment. Internet research, email usage, and keyboarding proficiency are integrated.
3 Credits
Show Description COMX 102 - Interprsnl Skills in Workplace
This course will introduce students to interpersonal communication theory which can be applied to a workplace environment. Students will learn effective communication strategies that promote success in professional and personal relationships.
1 Credits
Show Description DST 120 - Electrical Systems
Offered spring. The theory of AC/DC electricity including Ohm's Law, magnetism, wiring diagrams, and circuit analysis. Starting, charging, and related systems are covered in-depth using test equipment commonly found in heavy equipment repair facilities. Electronic systems are reviewed and tested using common electronic test equipment.
8 Credits
Show Description DST 128 - Engine Service I
Offered autumn. Introduction to the construction and operation of internal combustion engines with the diesel engine being examined in detail. The use of measuring tools and related special tools is covered extensively along with common manufacture rebuild procedures. Start-up and running practices are demonstrated on various running diesel engines.  Students must complete this course with a letter grade of “C” or better to enroll in U 135T Power Trains the second-half of the semester.
4 Credits
Show Description DST 135 - Power Trains (UMCOT)
Offered autumn. Chassis and drive train components used in light and heavy-duty trucks and other equipment. Clutches, manual transmissions, differentials, and final drives are covered.
7 Credits
Show Description M 111 - Technical Mathematics
Offered autumn and spring. Prereq., ALEKS placement >= 2. Designed to provide the mathematical background necessary for success in the industrial areas. Topics covered include percent, ratio proportion, formula evaluation, basic algebra and geometry concepts, trigonometry, measurement, statistics, and graphing. Markdowns, inventory turnover, and other basic formulas. Credit does not count toward Associate of Arts or Baccalaureate degrees. MC
3 Credits
Show Description MCH 115 - Related Metals Processes III
Offered autumn and spring. A basic metalworking course covering fasteners, layout, bench metal, heat treating, threads and threading, drills and drilling, basic machining, and tool sharpening.
3 Credits
Show Description WLDG 101 - Welding Fund Auto Tech/Diesel
Offered autumn. Basic and intermediate processes of shielded metal arc welding (SMAW) and oxyacetylene welding are covered in flat, horizontal, and vertical positions in a variety of joint configurations. Instruction in the oxyacetylene cutting process.  This course is designed for Diesel students only.
2 Credits
Minimum Required Grade: C- 33 Total Credits Required

Diesel Equpment Technology

Rule: Required to achieve Certification in Diesel Mechanics

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Show Description DST 221 - Brakes Suspn and Undercarr
Offered autumn. Air brake design, construction, and operating principles including an in-depth study of diagnostic procedures for troubleshooting and repairing brake systems. Suspension systems and undercarriage design and repair are covered along with common axle alignment procedures found in industry. Students must complete this course with a letter grade of “C” or better to enroll in U225T Hydraulics in the second-half of the semester.
6 Credits
Show Description DST 225 - Hydraulics (UMCOT)
Offered autumn. Theory and application of hydraulics relative to mobile construction equipment and industrial hydraulic systems. Includes valves, pumps, motors, actuators, and related hydraulic components, system maintenance, troubleshooting, and repair.
6 Credits
Show Description DST 229 - Engine Service II
Offered spring. Prereq., DET 128T. A continuation of Engine Service I with a major emphasis placed on the rebuilding of a diesel engine. Engine components repair and failure analysis are reviewed along with tune-up and running of diesel engines commonly found in the heavy equipment trade. Shop flat-rate procedures, work order procedures, and warranty requirements are covered. Students must complete this course with a letter grade of “C” or better to enroll in U230T Air Conditioning in the second-half of the semester.
7 Credits
Show Description DST 230 - Air Conditioning
Offered spring. Prereq., DET 120T, DET 225T. Principles, theories, and the hazards of working with R-12 and R-34, including laws governing these refrigerants. An in-depth study of the components of an air conditioning system including hands-on practice. Discharging and charging principles are discussed, including leakage testing and other general diagnostic principles found in the field.
3 Credits
Show Description DST 231 - Fuel Systems
Offered spring. A comprehensive study of diesel fuel injection systems to include: Cummins, Roosa Master, Caterpillar, Detroit Diesel, and Bosch. Disassembly and repair of these systems are covered in-depth along with calibration practices. Installation, timing, and on-engine adjustments are made on diesel engines. On-engine diagnosis of the fuel systems using special diesel engine diagnostic tools is reviewed.
5 Credits
Show Description DST 235 - Advanced Power Trains
Offered spring. Prereq., DET 135T. A continuation of DET 135T with an emphasis on heavy automatic transmission, torque converters, and powershift transmission. In-depth coverage of component review troubleshooting and repair.
2 Credits
Show Description WLDG 139 - Welding Maint & Repair -Diesel
Offered autumn. Prereq., MPR 115T, WLDG 101. Combines the skills gained in welding and machine shop for practical applications such as repairing a broken cylinder block. Major emphasis is placed on repair techniques. Common repair procedures using machine shop and welding equipment is demonstrated.  This course is designed for Diesel students only.
1 Credits
Show Description WRIT 121 - Intro to Technical Writing
Offered every term.  Course assumes a basic computer literacy.  Appropriate score on placement test or consent of instructor.  Introduction to technical writing situations with appropriate formats.  Emphasis is on writing with document design and graphic placement introduced.  Students are expected to write without major faults in grammar or usage. 
3 Credits
Minimum Required Grade: C- 33 Total Credits Required

Commercial Driver's Training

Rule: TRK 106T Commercial Driver's License Training non-credit is a recommended elective

Note: Commercial Driver's License (DCL) Elective non-credit

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Show Description TRK 106T - CDL Training
Offered intermittently. Prereq., consent of instr. Individual schedule. Truck safety, operation, and maintenance review. Schedule and obtain Class A Commercial Driver’s License (CDL).
1 Credits
Minimum Required Grade: C-