Heavy Equipment Operation Certificate

The mission of the Heavy Equipment Operation Program is to provide the regional workforce with credentialed, skilled and competent heavy equipment operators and to be responsive to emerging workforce needs. The Heavy Equipment Operation Program provides students with a basic understanding of fundamental machine functions and is designed to develop apprentice-level skills in the operation of heavy equipment.

Students are trained to safely and properly operate and maintain a variety of heavy equipment, including crawler-tractors, graders, scrapers, front-end loaders, excavators, backhoes, and dump trucks. Students develop an understanding of basic surveying techniques, receive extensive training in safety regulations and procedures, and learn how to handle controls precisely and judge distances accurately. The program also promotes an awareness of potential job site difficulties and allows students to gain knowledge of the work ethic expected by employers in the construction industry.

A Certificate of Applied Science is awarded upon successful completion of the program.

The program often has a waiting list for admittance. Prospective students are encouraged to apply one year prior to anticipated school attendance. Contact Rod Frost, Program Director, at 406-243-7843 or Rodney.Frost@umontana.edu for more information.

Certificate of Applied Science - Heavy Equipment Operation

Missoula College

Catalog Year: 2014-2015

Degree Specific Credits: 36

Required Cumulative GPA: 2.0

Note: TRK 106T Commercial Driver's License (CDL) Training non-credit is a recommended elective.

Heavy Equipment Operation

Rule: Required for Certification in Heavy Equipment Operation

Show All Course Descriptions Course Credits
Show Description CAPP 120 - Introduction to Computers
Offered autumn and spring. Introduction to computer terminology, hardware, and software, including wire/wireless communications and multimedia devices. Students utilize word processing, spread sheet, database, and presentation applications to create projects common to business and industry in a networked computing environment. Internet research, email usage, and keyboarding proficiency are integrated.
3 Credits
Show Description COMX 102 - Interprsnl Skills in Workplace
This course will introduce students to interpersonal communication theory which can be applied to a workplace environment. Students will learn effective communication strategies that promote success in professional and personal relationships.
1 Credits
Show Description HEO 146T - Safety & Basic Controls
Offered autumn. Orientation to the safe operation and basic control of crawler-tractors, scrapers, front-end loaders, motor graders, backhoes, trucks, and other heavy equipment units. Sufficient time is allowed for the development of basic machine operational skills.
5 Credits
Show Description HEO 148T - Operational Skill Bldg
Offered autumn. Prereq., HEO 146T. Advancement of basic skills. Proper understanding and operation of heavy equipment is pursued. Time is allowed for development of proper operational techniques.
5 Credits
Show Description HEO 150T - Job Simulation
Offered spring. Prereq., HEO 146T, HEO 148T. Incorporates learned skills into entry-level, industrial situations. Emphasis is on advanced equipment usage, problem definition and resolution, project-type earth moving assignments, proper equipment, and safety regulations. Course may allow participation in cooperative project efforts within the community.
6 Credits
Show Description HEO 151T - Service & Maintenance
Offered autumn. Different types of lubricants and their applications, scheduled and preventive maintenance procedures, and importance of periodic services and maintenance. Also included are safety procedures and regulations.
2 Credits
Show Description HEO 153T - Const Theory & Spec Equip
Offered spring. Prereq., M 111. Study of construction principles, specialized equipment, production estimates, and various related subjects.
5 Credits
Show Description M 111 - Technical Mathematics
Offered autumn and spring. Prereq., ALEKS placement >= 2. Designed to provide the mathematical background necessary for success in the industrial areas. Topics covered include percent, ratio proportion, formula evaluation, basic algebra and geometry concepts, trigonometry, measurement, statistics, and graphing. Markdowns, inventory turnover, and other basic formulas. Credit does not count toward Associate of Arts or Baccalaureate degrees. MC
3 Credits
Show Description MCH 112 - Related Metals Processes I
Offered spring. Use of hand tools and machines which relate to the repair of heavy equipment. Instruction covers fasteners, layout, bench metal, threads and threading, drills and drilling, and tool sharpening.
1 Credits
Show Description SRVY 108 - Construction Surveying
Offered autumn. Basic principles of surveying and the use of surveying equipment. Calculation of angles and distances to determine grade elevations. Introduction to Global Positioning Systems, lasers and their relationship to the heavy equipment operator.
2 Credits
Show Description WRIT 121 - Intro to Technical Writing
Offered every term.  Course assumes a basic computer literacy.  Appropriate score on placement test or consent of instructor.  Introduction to technical writing situations with appropriate formats.  Emphasis is on writing with document design and graphic placement introduced.  Students are expected to write without major faults in grammar or usage. 
3 Credits
Minimum Required Grade: C- 36 Total Credits Required

Commercial Driver's Licence

Rule: TRK 106T Commerical Driver's License (CDL) Training is an elective (not required)

Note: TRK 106T Commercial Driver's License (CDL) is a recommended elective as a non-credit course. If chosen, it is suggested in the Fall semester.

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Show Description TRK 106T - CDL Training
Offered intermittently. Prereq., consent of instr. Individual schedule. Truck safety, operation, and maintenance review. Schedule and obtain Class A Commercial Driver’s License (CDL).
1 Credits
Minimum Required Grade: C-