The Budget Environment

Sources of Funding

The total operating budget for The University of Montana for Fiscal Year 2013 is approximately $397 million. The general funds budget – the primary source of funds for the instructional mission of the University – is $162 million.  The remaining $235 million comes primarily from auxiliary funds ($49 million), designated funds ($55 million), plant funds (about $41 million) and restricted funds ($90 million). The faculty of The University of Montana are successful in competing for sponsored research money each year. Research activities also spin off millions in recovery of indirect cost, and these funds are reinvested in efforts to continue the growth of research.

FY13 Funds by Fund Type

Of the $162 million general funds budget, nearly two-thirds comes from students in the form of tuition and over a quarter comes from State appropriations. 


Uses of Funds

The University of Montana continues to use its financial resources in an efficient and effective manner to protect the quality of instruction and the student experience.


In the current budget, instruction accounts for almost half (48%) of general fund spending, while direct student-related expenditures (instruction, academic support, student services, and scholarships) accounts for 76% of total general fund expenditures.