Management Information Systems Department

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Clayton A. Looney, Chair

The Department of Management Information Systems offers a major in Management Information Systems within the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration.

Management Information Systems Major

The Management Information Systems STEM curriculum prepares students to manage an organization’s information resources. The major focuses on:

  1. analyzing and synthesizing information flows within and across the organization’s business processes;
  2. effectively managing the acquisition, deployment, and utilization of information systems; and
  3. using both information and information technology to enhance the organization’s strategic advantage.

The knowledge and skills developed in the curriculum lead to careers in data analytics, cybersecurity, consulting, application development, infrastructure management, systems analysis, technology and design, electronic commerce, and project management.

Certificate in Big Data Analytics

The Big Data Analytics (BDA) certificate is designed to provide students with the tools necessary to compete in the Big Data space. Students will use big data tools that are currently available to capture, analyze, and present big data. They will explore a variety of applications with which Big Data tools can be applied, and they will complete a Big Data project. This certificate is currently aimed at students majoring in business, computer science, or mathematics.


Undergraduate Minors

Undergraduate Certificates