History Department

This is an archived copy of the 2018-2019 catalog. To access the most recent version of the catalog, please visit http://catalog.umt.edu/.

Robert H. Greene, Chair

The History Department offers an exciting program of instruction for undergraduates in search of an education. The curriculum is designed to provide knowledge and understanding of the background and ramifications of present local, national, and world affairs. The program emphasizes historical analysis and critical thought rather than the memorization of facts. History majors are taught how to read critically, analyze thoughtfully, conduct research carefully, and write intelligently.

The department offers a wide variety of courses ranging in time, space, and theme. Courses span the full range of American history from the colonial period through the recent past. More specialized courses in local and regional history focus on Montana, the West, and the northern Rockies. Offerings in European and world history emphasize social, cultural, and intellectual history, French and German history, British history, Russian and Soviet history, Latin American history, Islamic civilization, East Asian history, and Central and Southwest Asian history. Topical courses explore issues of democracy, diplomacy, human rights, war and peace, terrorism, race and gender, religion, and environmental history.

History provides not only a basis for future employment but also, more importantly, furnishes knowledge and perspective for intelligent leadership in community affairs. Graduates are employed in federal, state, or local governments, with positions ranging from elected office to research analysts. Many teach history in middle schools and high schools while others pursue advanced degrees at the graduate level. Still others go on to attain professional degrees in law, journalism, and business.

The History Department at the University of Montana boasts professors with award-winning scholarship and active research agendas, which greatly enhances the education and training we provide to our students. 

The Department offers the

  • Bachelor of Arts,
  • Bachelor of Arts for teaching,
  • Master of Arts, and
  • the Doctor of Philosophy degrees.

Our graduate students have found great success in a diverse range of occupations in public history, in education, and in academia.