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Missoula College*

Barry Good, Dean

Lynn Stocking, Associate Dean

Missoula College University of Montana* is the new name of the college formerly known as the University of Montana College of Technology.  The renaming is a part of a Montana Board of Regents initiative for Montana's two-year colleges.

Our mission, as the two-year college of the University of Montana, is to provide open access to higher education that expands opportunities for Montana residents.  We are a gateway to comprehensive education, delivering high quality, student-centered, professional, technical, transfer, and workforce programs and courses.

The Missoula College offers programs and services on four campuses-the East Campus at 909 South Avenue West, the West Campus at 3639 South Avenue West, Mountain Campus at 32 Campus Drive, and the Bitterroot College University of Montana in Hamilton.  Student support offices including Enrollment Services, Disability Services for Students, Financial Aid, Registrar's, Career Services, Educational Opportunity (EOC), Outreach Programming Office, Academic Advising, and administrative offices are located at the East Campus. All business technology programs, applied computing and electronics programs, culinary arts programs, health professions programs, as well as a branch of the Mansfield Library, The Bookstore at the Missoula College, and a dining room are located on the East Campus. All industrial technology programs are located on the West Campus.

Students may attend courses at four campus sites and online. Courses are scheduled at a variety of times between 7 a.m. and 10 p.m., Monday through Saturday.  The Missoula College Dean's Office, department chairs and/or program directors may be contacted for specific program and scheduling information. 

Bachelor of Applied Science Degree Program 

A Bachelor of Applied Science degree is offered by the University of Montana in Missoula through the College of Arts and Sciences in collaboration with the Missoula College.  The initial contact for information and degree planning for the B.A.S. degree is the Missoula College. This degree program is available for students who have completed Associate of Applied Science degrees from accredited institutions and who wish to continue toward completing a baccalaureate degree. See the College of Arts and Sciences/Applied Science section of this catalog.

Associate of Applied Science and Certificate of Applied Science Programs

The Associate of Applied Science degree and Certificate of Applied Science programs offered in the College are designed to lead an individual to employment in a specific career or career pathway. In some instances, particularly in Health Professions, the degree or certificate is a prerequisite for taking a licensing examination. The Associate of Applied Science degree is not typically considered a transfer degree, although opportunities do exist in The University of Montana and some other baccalaureate degree-granting institutions for continuing in programs such as the University's Bachelor of Applied Science degree program.

 The College's Surgical Technology and Respiratory Care programs are reviewed by their respective Joint Review Committees and accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs. The Food Service Management program is accredited by the American Culinary Federation Educational Institute Accrediting Commission, the Paralegal Studies program is approved by the American Bar Association, and the Nursing programs are approved by the Montana Board of Nursing and the National League for Nursing Accrediting Commission. 

Associate of Arts Degree Program

The Associate of Arts Degree is a general education transfer degree and does not officially include a major or minor course of study.  The Associate of Arts Degree  does indicate areas of emphasis  and areas of concentration.  To receive an Associate of Arts (AA) degree, students must successfully complete all the general education requirements as described by Montana Board of Regents policy 301.10 Appendix 1.  Students seeking the AA are not required to sit for the upper-division writing proficiency assessment.  The minimum grade point average for the 60 credits required for the AA is 2.0.

Credit Applicable Toward an Associate of Arts and Baccalaureate Degrees 

The following Missoula College courses have been approved to count as elective credit, and/or General Education credit for the Associate of Arts and baccalaureate degrees. With departmental approval, some may count toward major or cognate requirements. With departmental approval, up to 10 additional credits from courses not on this list may be counted. Refer to the sections on Technical Courses and Credit Maximums in this catalog. See index.

  • AASC 100, 101
  • BIOB 101N
  • BIOH 108 (SCN 100N)
  • BIOH 201N (SCN 201N, lecture)
  • BIOH 202N (SCN 201N, lab)
  • BIOH 211N (SCN 202N, lecture)
  • BIOH 212N (SCN 202N, lab)
  • BGEN 105S (BUS 103S)
  • COMX 102, 115S, 111A, 140, 212, 217A, 242, 219S (COM 150S, 160A, 217A, 242, 260S)
  • CAPP120 (CRT 100), 134(CRT 108)
  • CSCI 110 (CRT121), 215E (CRT 122E), 172 (CRT 172), 221 (CRT 203), 113 (CRT 270)
  • EET 232, 260
  • ENST 230H
  • CULA 270, 299 (FSM 270, 271)
  • M 105, 115 (MAT 117), 121 ( MAT 118), 122 (MAT 119), 151 (MAT 120), 162 (145)
  • NRSG (NUR) all courses, except 291 (except 295T) 
  • NUTR 221N (SCN 150)
  • PSYX 100S (PSY 100S), 161S (PSY 110S), 230S (PSY 201), 238, 240
  • SCN 100N, 105N, 175N, 260N
  • WRIT 101 (WTS 101), 121 (WTS 115), 221 (WTS 215)
  • LIT 110L (WTS 120L), 120L (WTS 121L)
  • CRWR 240A (WRIT 184A, WTS 184A), CRWR 210A (WRIT 185A, WTS 185A), CRWR 211A (WRIT 186A, WTS 186A)

Academic Support Services 

Services designed to increase the success of students enrolled at The University of Montana Missoula College are available at the College. Such services include Academic Advising Center, tutoring in the Academic Support Center and computer-based academic learning tools, study skills workshops, basic skills developmental courses, access to Disability Services for Students, academic and financial aid reinstatement and follow-up assistance, individual student retention services, and other learning support activities.

Student Support

Donna Bakke, M.A., University of Montana, 2005 (Dual Enrollment & Big Sky Pathways)

Betsy Cincoski (Academic Support Center)

Tammy Freimund, Director, Ph.D., University of Minesota, 1993 (Academic Advising Center)

Cec Gallagher, Director, Ed.D., Montana State University, 1998 (Retention & Reinstatement)

Chelsea Rayfield, B.A., University of Montana, 2009 (Academic Advising Center)

Brandie Terpe, B.A., University of Montana, 2001 (Academic Advising Center)

Vida Wilkinson, Director, Ph.D., Colorado State University, 2008 (Outreach)


Nick Arthur B.S., University of North Texas, 1997 (Health Professions)

Thomas Campbell, Certified Executive Chef, 1990 (Business Technology)

Cathy Corr, M.Ed., Montana State University, 1989 (Applied Arts and Science, Chair)

Josef Crepeau, M.A., University of Montana, 1994 (Applied Arts and Science)

Anne Delaney, M.B.A., University of Montana, 2002 (Health Professions)

Linda EagleHeart-Thomas, Ph.D., The University of Montana, 2002 (Applied Arts and Sciences)

Deborah Fillmore, M.E., University of Montana, 2000, R.N. (Health Professions)

Cheryl Galipeau, M.E., University of Montana, 1999 (Business Technology)

Tom Gallagher, M.S., Western Washington University, 1996 (Applied Computing and Electronics, Chair)

Patty Gauthier, M.S., Montclair State College, 1986 (Health Professions)

James Headlee, M.E., Northern Montana College, 1987 (Industrial Technology)

Colin Henderson, Ph.D., University of New Mexico, 1985 (Applied Arts and Sciences)

Penny Jakes, M.E., University of Montana, 1981 (Applied Computing and Electronics)

Daneen Jeppson, F.N.P., M.S.N., University of Utah, 1980 (Health Professions)

Theresa Kinney, M.S.N., University of Phoenix, 2012 (Health Professions)

Brian Larson, (Business Technology, Chair)

Bradley Layton, Ph.D., University of Michigan, 2003 (Applied Computing and Electronics)

Mary McHugh, PharmD, University of Montana, 2007 (Health Professions)

Mary Anne Moseley, B.A., University of Montana, (Health Professions)

Mark Medvetz, M.F.A., University of Montana, 1989 (Applied Arts and Sciences)

Mary Nielsen, M.S.N., Clarkson College, 2000, R.N. (Health Professions, Chair)

Tim Olson, M.B.A., University of Montana, 1997, C.P.A. (Business Technology)

Alison Pepper, Ph.D., University of Montana, 2009 (Applied Arts and Sciences)

Mark Raymond, B.S., University of Montana, 2007 (Industrial Technology)

Zachary Reddig, B.S., Montana State University-Northern, 2005 (Industrial Technology)

Kim Reiser, M.A., University of Montana, 2000 (Applied Arts and Sciences)

Niki Robinson, M.E., University of Montana, 2000 (Business Technology)

Xueying (Steve) Shen, Ph.D., University of California, Riverside, 1986 (Applied Computing and Electronics)

Deborah Sloan, Ph.D., University of Montana, 2005 (Applied Arts and Sciences)

Thomas Stanton, J.D., University of Cincinnati, 1991 (Business Technology)

Steve Stiff, M.Ed., University of Montana, 2001, 2007 (Applied Computing and Electronics)

Lynn Stocking, M.E., University of Montana, 1987 (Associate Dean; Director, Academic Computing; Business Technology)

Linda Strelnik, B.S., University of Montana, 1976, CST/CFA (Health Professions)

Lisa Swallow, M.S., California State University, Chico, 1990, C.P.A., C.M.A. (Business Technology)

Rhonda Tabish, Certificate, 1974 (Applied Computing and Electronics)

John Walker, M.B.A., University of Montana, 1990 (Industrial Technology)

Adjunct Faculty 

Susan Anderson, M.B.A., University of Oregon, 1989 (Business Technology)

Jeffrey Arends, M.Ed., University of Montana, 2010 (Applied Arts and Sceinces)

Aimee Ault, B.A., Pacific University, 2002. A.A.S., University of Montana, 2007 (Business Technology)

Kristi Bailey, C.S.T./C.F.A., Missoula College, 1994 (Health Professions)

Elizabeth Baker, M.S., Stanford University California, 2006 (Applied Computing and Electronics)

B.J. Banister, A.A.S., University of Montana, 1999 (Health Professions)

Dave Barrett, M.F.A., University of Montana, 1999 (Applied Arts and Sciences)

Anthony Becker, M.B.A., University of Montana, 2003 (Business Technology)

Michelle Boller, M.A., George Washington University, 2004 (Business Technology)

Lindsey Bow, A.A.S., Spokane Community College, 2006 (Health Professions)

Susann Bradford, Ed.D., University of Montana, 2007 (Applied Arts and Sciences)

Kathy Brauer, B.A. Ed., University of Montana, 1984 (Health Professions)

Monty Brekke, B.S., Northern State University, 1961 (Applied Arts and Sciences)

Christy Ann Brown, M.A., New York University, 2004 (Applied Arts and Sciences)

Erin Browning, B.S.N., University of Montana, 2001 (Health Professions)

Dianne Burke, M.S., University of Houston, 1984 (Applied Computing and Electronics)

Dora Cardillo, B.S., Boise State University, 1985 (Health Professions)

Wendi Carpenter (Business Technology)

Bridget Carson, M.F.A., University of Montana, 2006 (Applied Arts and Sciences)

Jennifer Corbin, Ph.D., University of Montana, 2009 (Applied Arts and Sciences)

Mary-Ellen Correia, A.A.S., Montana State University, 2011 (Health Professions)

Peter Costello, B.A., University of Montana, 1985 (Applied Computing and Electronics)

Michael Cox, M.S., Aquinas Institute of Theology, 2006 (Health Professions)

Leslie Croot, M.S., Western Washington University, 2001 (Applied Arts and Sciences)

Ann Crowley, B.A., Carroll College, 1981 (Health Professions)

Janet Derrington, M.S.N., University of Pennsylvania, 1977 (Health Professions)

Kathleen de Onis, B.S., Northwestern University, 2005 (Applied Arts and Sciences)

Creg Dieziger, A.A.S., ITT Technical Institute, 1993 (Applied Computing and Electronics)

Marya Dolezal, M.Ed., Arkansas State University, 2011 (Applied Arts and Sciences)

Jessica Dougherty-McMichael, PH.D., University of Notre Dame, 2011 (Applied Arts and Sciences)

Mary Jeanne Doyle, M.S., Eastern Kentucky University, 1985 (Applied Arts and Sciences)

Ethan Eyestone, A.A.S., University of Montana, 2001 (Health Professions)

Jed Fiebelkorn, M.S., University of Montana, 2006 (Applied Arts and Sciences)

Garth Flint, M.A., University of Montana, 1996 (Applied Arts and Sciences)

Kirk Flynn, B.S., University of Montana, 2001 (Applied Computing and Electronics)

Wendy Frank, B.S., Montana State University-Billings (Health Professions)

Rodney Frost (Industry Technology)

Jennifer Geist, M.A., University of Montana, 2007 (Applied Arts and Sciences)

Bill Gillespie, M.I.S.M., University of Phoenix, 2006 (Applied Computing and Electronics)

Jennifer Giutarri, J.D., University of Montana, 2005 (Business Technology)

Gregory Guscio, M.S., University of Montana, 2007 (Applied Computing and Electronics)

Mark Hanson, Ph.D., University of Virginia (Health Professions)

Jim Harris (Industrial Technology)

Wally Higgins, B.A., University of Montana, 1974 (Applied Computing and Electronics)

William Hillman, A.S. Park University, 2001 (Business Technology)

Colleen Holmquist, A.A., University of Montana, 1994 (Health Professions)

Andrea Johnson, M.A., Appalachian State University, 2004 (Applied Arts and Sciences)

Lois Johnson, B.S.N, Montana State University, 1992 (Health Professions)

Scott Johnson, B.S., University of Montana, 1981 (Business Technology)

Todd Johnson, M.A., University of Montana, 1998, (Applied Arts and Sciences)

Elizabeth Kelsey, M.Ed., University of Montana, 2008 (Applied Arts and Sciences)

Jimmy Kendall, M.A., University of Montana, 2012 (Applied Arts and Sciences)

Brian Kerns, M.S., Northwestern University, 1981 (Applied Computing and Electronics)

Tory Kimpton, MA, University of Montana, 2009 (Applied Arts and Sciences)

Marcia Kmetz, Ph.D., University of Nevada, Reno, 2011 (Applied Arts and Sciences)

Jode Kraft, M.E., University of Montana, 2008 (Business Technology)

Kim Larson (Business Technology)

Leslie Lauren, M.F.A., University of  Montana, 2009 (Applied Arts and Sciences)

Kins Loree, Ph.D., Ashford University, 2000 (Applied Arts and Sciences)

Scott Louis, RTT California Community College for Health Sciences (Health Professions)

Jennifer Luebke, BA, University of Montana, 2008 (Applied Arts and Sciences)

Patrick Marx, MPA, Harvard Kennedy School, 1998 (Applied Arts and Sciences)

James Mason, B.S. University of Montana, 2001, B.S., University of Montana-Western, 2008 (Industrial Technology)

Phyllis McCarthy, B.S., University of Nevada, Las Vegas, 1994 (Health Professions)

Flora McCormick, M.A., Western Seminary, 2008 (Applied Arts and Sciences)

Beth McHugh, M.F.A., University of Montana, 2009 (Applied Arts and Sciences)

Jacqueline McKenna, B.S., University of Montana, Western, 1991 (Applied Arts and Sciences)

Blake Miller, M.A., University of Montana, 2012 (Applied Arts and Sciences)

Charles Miller, M.S., Indiana University, 1976 (Health Professions)

Jeffrey Miller, Ph.D., University of New England, Armidale, N.S.W., Australia, 1983 (Applied Arts and Sciences)

Lori Mitchell, B.S.N., Montana State University, 2005 (Applied Arts and Sciences)

Ed Moore, M.E., University of Montana, 1988 (Applied Arts and Sciences)

David Morris, C.S.T., Missoula College, 1986 (Health Professions)

David Neu, M.F.A., University of Montana, 1993 (Industrial Technology)

Suzanne Noyd, B.S., University of South Alabama, 1990 (Business Technology)

David Optiz, (Business Technology)

Nicole Rogers-Norton, B.A., C.S.T., University of Montana (Health Professions)

Lora Parker, B.S., University of Montana, 1995 (Business Technology)

Gregory Peters, M.S., University of Montana, 2003 (Applied Arts and Sciences)

Steven Phillips, M.S., University of Arizona, 2001 (Applied Arts and Sciences)

Brad Platts (Industrial Technology)

Ashley Preston, Ph.D., University of Montana, 2001 (Applied Arts and Sciences)

Larry Reinholz, A.A.S., 2005 (Industrial Technology)

Dick Richardson, M.A., University of Montana, 2002 (Industrial Technology)

Troy Savage, B.S., Montana State University, 1982 (Applied Computing and Electronics)

Brooke Schiewek, A.A.S., Missoula College, 2001 (Health Professions)

Mandy Snook, M.A., Western Governors University, 2010 (Applied Arts and Sciences)

Erin Steele, M.A., University of Memphis, 2003 (Applied Arts and Sciences)

Michael Steffenson, A.A.S., Alexandria Technical College, 1990 (Industrial Technology)

Mona Sumner, MHA, University of Minnesota, 1983 (Applied Arts and Sciences)

Sara Thomas, B.E., University of Madras, 2000 (Applied Computing and Electronics)

Teresa Thompson, J.D., University of Montana, 1986 (Business Technology)

Lee Tickell, (Applied Computing & Electronics, Business Technology)

Sarah Topp, C.S.T., University of Montana, (Health Professions)

Brandee Tyree, BA, University of Montana, 1996 (Applied Arts and Sciences)

Russell VanPaepeghem, M.S., University of Montana, 2010 (Applied Arts and Sciences)

Krisztian Varsa, M.S., Cornell University, 2007 (Applied Computing and Electronics)

Melissa Walker, M.Ed., University of Montana, 2006 (Applied Arts and Sciences)

Lucas Whitcher, M.S., Central Washington University, 2010 (Applied Arts and Sciences)

Ana Willenbrock, A.A.S., Culinary Institute of America, 2000 (Business Technology)

David Williams, B.S., University of California, Riverside, 1981 (Applied Arts and Sciences)

Rebecca Wood, MA, University of Montana 2004, (Applied Arts and Sciences)

Janet Woodburn, M.Ed., University of Missouri, Columbia, 1975 (Applied Arts and Sciences)

Kim Zupan, M.F.A., University of Montana (Industrial Technology)

Mike Zwicker, B.S., University of Mary, 2005 (Health Professions)

Registrar's Office

Lommasson Center 201

Phone: (406) 243-2995

Fax: (406) 243-4807