Academic advising is critical to student success at University of Montana. All undergraduate students are required to meet with their advisor at least once each semester to review educational progress, discuss future plans and secure schedule approval prior to registration. Additional meetings are recommended for information and guidance on dropping and/or adding courses, changing/declaring majors, exploring available resources and ensuring that graduation requirements are met.

Faculty and professional advisors, as well as peer advising assistants facilitate positive academic advising experiences by:

    • helping students to develop mentoring relationships with faculty and professional staff
    • encouraging students to fulfill their obligation to plan in advance for advising sessions
    • educating students to understand and accept their responsibilities in the advising process and for advising decisions, and
    • promoting frank and productive dialogue about the student's academic goals.

Students improve their academic planning and success by fully using the advising services and by learning about the academic requirements of their major fields, and the University policies for registration and graduation. The UM catalog is the official source of information on these matters. Although advisors are available to assist students, it is important for students to realize that the ultimate responsibility for meeting all graduation requirements is their own.

Mountain Campus Students

When students indicate a major on their application form, it becomes their initial declared major.

Advisor information and assignment is done through the student's major department. If the student is undeclared, pre-Communication Studies, pre-Psychology or Freshman Business, he/she is assigned to a professional advisor at the Undergraduate Advising Center (

To change a major, a student must submit an official Change of Major form to the Registration Desk at Griz Central. Once the new major is formally declared, the student should seek advising from the department.

Students with academic advising questions or concerns may contact the Undergraduate Advising Center, Lommasson Suite 269, The University of Montana, Missoula, MT 59812,, or by phone at (406)243-2835.

Missoula CollegeStudents

Students are assigned an academic advisor in their major (program) upon acceptance to the Missoula College.

Academic programs are identified by the major the student declared on his/her Admissions application, or by an official change of major form filed by the student.

For questions regarding assigned advisors, or to change advisors, students can contact Student Services at 243-7882 or in the Missoula College Administration building.

For other questions or concerns about advising, students may contact their Department offices, Student Services (243-7882) or the Retention Coordinator (243-7878).

Academic Support Services

Many programs at The University of Montana-Missoula offer services to help students who are experiencing academic difficulty. Faculty academic advisors assist in academic planning and make appropriate referrals to other services as necessary. Students with declared majors are assigned a faculty advisor by the relevant Department Chair. Students who are Undeclared, pre-Nursing, or a pre-major in Psychology, Communication Studies, or Business are assigned a professional advisor in the Undergraduate Advising Center located in the Lommasson Center.

Coursework is available to help students in specific areas. Developmental math and writing courses are delivered by the College of Technology, and include M 65 prealgebra, M 90 Introductory Algebra, M 95 Intermediate Algebra, and WRIT 95 Developmental Writing. Curriculum and Instruction 160 and AASC 101 focus on study skills, and Freshman Seminar UNC 101 and AASC 100 (Introduction to University Experience) provide an overview of university systems and processes. The Financial Aid Office, the Counseling Center, the Curry Health Center, the Career Services, and the Clinical Psychology Center provide one-to-one counseling to help with financial issues, personal concerns, and career and major choices.

Several tutoring programs are available to all students through the Office for Student Success. STUDY JAM provides early evening group study tables in the UC Commons for selected courses (e.g., Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Spanish, Economics, and Statistics). The Writing Center supports students in becoming more effective writers and provides tutoring at several locations across campus; 406-243-2266). The Math Learning Centers provide tutoring at all levels of math coursework in two drop-in math tutoring centers. Math PiLOT oversees the ALEKS online placement testing for math and advises students who may be struggling in a math course. Missoula College students may receive tutoring in math, writing and a variety of other subjects through the Academic Support Center. The Counseling Center offers workshops on a variety of topics designed to enhance student academic performance.

TRiO Student Support Services

For students who qualify, TRiO Student Support Services is a federally funded program offering academic support services, including one-on-one academic advising, career search and counseling (using a national career database), mentoring for Native American students, a two-credit study skills class, and tutoring at no cost. To qualify, a student must meet one of the following criteria: first-generation (neither parent has completed a four-year college degree), financial need based on family income (usually met if receiving a Pell grant), or a documented disability. For more information, visit TRiO at Lommasson Center 154, call 406-243-5032, or the TRiO website

The Academic Support Center (ASC) on the Missoula College campus offers a variety of services to support and enhance students' academic success. Students can receive tutoring in math, writing and numerous other areas. Skills assessments, accommodated test services and make-up testing are also offered at the ASC. Working with the Retention Coordinator students can develop study skills, participate in academic coaching and other student support activities, as well as complete the reinstatement process activities if necessary. For information related to these services, contact the ASC at 243-7826 or the Retention Coordinator at 243-7878.