International Business B.S.

Bachelor of Science - International Business

School of Business Admin

Catalog Year: 2016-2017

Degree Specific Credits: 30

Required Cumulative GPA: 2.0

Note: At least 54 credits must be earned in Business classes (ECNS, SoBA internship courses, and SoBA faculty-led study abroad courses may be counted in OR out of Business) A minimum GPA of 2.0 is required for these courses.
At least 60 credits must be earned outside of SoBA (excluding HHP/ACT activities courses).
At least 28 credits in business must be taken at UM.
All business credits transferred in after matriculating to UM must be pre-approved by the department chair in your major.
In addition to the below requirements, students seeking a major in International Business must complete all degree requirements for a major in ACCT, FIN, MGMT, MIS, or MKTG.

International Business Major

Rule: All courses are required

Note: null

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Show Description BFIN 473 - Multinational Finance and FDI
Offered autumn. Prereq., junior standing in Business, BFIN 322 and ECNS 202S, or consent of instr. Students are strongly encouraged to complete BGEN 360 prior to BFIN 473. Topics include financial skills required of corporate executives in international business, exchange rate risk analysis, analysis of global financial systems and assessment of real international investments.
3 Credits
Show Description BGEN 360 - International Business
Offered autumn and spring. Prereq., junior standing in Business. Analysis of business in diverse parts of the globe. Examines the impact of socio-economic, political, legal, educational, and cultural factors on management.
3 Credits
Show Description BMGT 467 - Supply Chain Management
Offered Spring. Prereq., BMGT 322 and BMKT 325, or consent of instructor. The course introduces students to the challenges and opportunities companies face and how they manage the risk associated with the global supply chain. It provides an overview of global supply chain operations management as a field and describes the strategic role it has in today’s intensely competitive business environment.
3 Credits
Show Description BMGT 480 - Cross-Cultural Mgmt
Offered autumn. Prereq., junior standing in Business. Study of issues related to cultural diversity within the work force and the problems inherent in the management of a firm's activities on an international scale.
3 Credits
Minimum Required Grade: C- 12 Total Credits Required

International Business Major - Foreign Language Requirement

Rule: Four semesters or equivalent of one foreign language is required.

Note: A student may be exempt from this requirement if using English as a Second Language. Please see the International Business Advisor for assistance.

Minimum Required Grade: C-
16 Total Credits Required

International Business Major - Track Courses

Rule: Take 6 credits in approved track courses.

Note: These 6 credits are selected in consultation with your faculty advisor. A signed track sheet reflecting these courses is required on file in the SoBA Advising Office.

Minimum Required Grade: C-
6 Total Credits Required