College of Humanities and Sciences

Christopher M. Comer, Dean

Jenny McNulty, Associate Dean

S. Melanie Hoell, Director of Advising


The College of Humanities and Science is the intellectual core of the University of Montana. We fulfill the central purpose for which the University was chartered in 1893: to provide a liberal education and integrated knowledge of the humanities and the sciences.

A liberal arts education gives students the means to think broadly and test the value of diverse ideas, beliefs and facts. It empowers them to continue the learning process throughout life. By studying the ways of thinking and expression that are characteristic of the humanities and the social and natural sciences, students will be educated citizens. They will be enabled to think critically about scientific methods and findings, social analysis, creativity in the arts and humanities, aesthetics and values. Equally important is effective expression of one's understandings. Clear thinking, cogent expression, and solid values provide the foundation of successful careers. 

A particular strength of the College is the breadth of its disciplines and programs. This breadth makes possible a varied and flexible curriculum that advances both general programs and specialized education on the undergraduate and graduate levels. Another strength is the quality of the faculty. Its members have a distinguished record of teaching, research and creation of new knowledge, and service to our communities. Their commitment to undergraduate liberal arts education is demonstrated by the quality of the graduates the College has produced. The pre-professional education received here has enabled University of Montana graduates to compete successfully for admission to graduate schools across the nation. A third strength of the College is its commitment to students as they pursue their academic studies at the University. This is reflected in close student/faculty relationships and in the continuous attention given by the College to the effect that policies, procedures, and administrative practices have on students' educational experience.

Name Minor Certificate Associate Bachelor
African-American Studies Requirements Requirements
Anthropology Requirements Requirements
Applied Science Requirements
Arabic Studies Requirements
Astronomy Requirements
Biochemistry Requirements Requirements
Bioinformatics Requirements
Biology Requirements Requirements
Central & Southwest Asian Stds Requirements Requirements
Chemistry Requirements Requirements
Chinese Requirements
Classical Civilization Requirements
Classics Requirements
Communication Studies Requirements Requirements
Computer Applications Requirements
Computer Programming Requirements
Computer Sci-Mathematical Sci Requirements
Computer Science Requirements Requirements
East Asian Studies Requirements
Economics Requirements Requirements
Engl as a Sec Lang Requirements
English Requirements Requirements
Environmental Studies Requirements Requirements
Film Studies Requirements
Forensic Studies Requirements
French Requirements Requirements
Geographic Information Systems Requirements
Geography Requirements Requirements
Geosciences Requirements Requirements
German Requirements Requirements
Global Leadership Requirements
Global Public Health Requirements
Greek Requirements
Historic Preservation Requirements
History Requirements Requirements
History-Political Science Requirements
Human and Family Development Requirements
International Development Stds Requirements
International Field Geos Dual Requirements
International Field Geos Joint Requirements
Irish Studies Requirements
Japanese Requirements Requirements
Language Rejuvenation & Maint Requirements
Latin Requirements
Latin American Studies Requirements
Liberal Studies Requirements Requirements
Linguistics Requirements
Mathematical Sci-Computer Sci Requirements
Mathematics Requirements Requirements
Medical Laboratory Science Requirements
Microbiology Requirements Requirements
Military Studies Requirements
Mountain Studies Requirements
Native American Studies Requirements Requirements
Neuroscience Requirements
Nonprofit Administration Requirements
Philosophy Requirements Requirements
Physics Requirements Requirements
Political Science Requirements Requirements
Psychology Requirements Requirements
Russian Requirements Requirements
Russian Studies Requirements
Sociology Requirements Requirements
South & Southeast Asian Stds Requirements
Spanish Requirements Requirements
Women's, Gender & Sexuality St Requirements Requirements