Mathematical Sciences Department

Emily Stone, Chair

Mathematics is studied both as a tool and for its own sake. Its usefulness in the sciences - physical, biological, social, behavioral, and environmental - and in decision-making processes is so established that it is an indispensable part of many curricula.

Mathematics is chosen as a major area of study by individuals who find it challenging, fascinating, and beautiful. It is also appreciated by many who seek primarily to use mathematics as a tool.

A career in mathematics, except for teaching at the secondary level, generally requires a graduate degree as preparation. Careers include teaching, research, and the application of mathematics to diverse problems in institutions of higher learning, business, industry, and government.

The Bachelor of Arts, Master of Arts, and Doctor of Philosophy degrees are offered as well as a Bachelor of Science in Mathematical Sciences–Computer Science.

High School Preparation: For studying mathematics at the University level, it is recommended that the high school course work consist of four years of college-preparatory mathematics, including geometry, trigonometry, and college algebra or precalculus.  A course in calculus or statistics is helpful, but not necessary. It is unusual to complete an undergraduate degree in mathematics in four years without the necessary background to take Calculus I (M 171) during the freshman year (preferably during the first semester at the university).

Undergraduate Degrees Available

Subject Type Option Track
Mathematical Sci-Computer Sci Bachelor of Science
Mathematics Bachelor of Arts
Mathematics Bachelor of Arts Applied Mathematics
Mathematics Bachelor of Arts Combinatorics & Optimization
Mathematics Bachelor of Arts Mathematics Education
Mathematics Bachelor of Arts Pure Mathematics
Mathematics Bachelor of Arts Statistics
Mathematics Minor
Mathematics Minor Teaching Math

Department Faculty


  • Johnathan Bardsley, Professor
  • Jonathan Graham, Professor
  • Leonid Kalachev, Professor
  • Mark Kayll, Professor
  • Jenny McNulty, Associate Dean / Professor
  • David Patterson, Professor
  • Bharath Sriraman, Professor
  • Brian Steele, Professor
  • Emily Stone, Department Chair, Professor
  • Karel Stroethoff, Professor
  • Nikolaus Vonessen, Professor and Associate Chair - Undergraduate Program

Associate Professors

  • Jennifer Brooks, Associate Professor
  • Eric Chesebro, Associate Professor
  • Kelly McKinnie, Associate Professor
  • Gregory St. George, Associate Professor
  • Ke Wu, Associate Professor

Assistant Professors

  • Cory Palmer, Assistant Professor and Associate Chair - Graduate Program
  • Frederick Peck, Assistant Professor
  • Matthew Roscoe, Assistant Professor
  • Ekaterina Smirnova, Assistant Professor

Adjunct Faculty

  • Richard Darnell, Adjunct Instructor/Tutoring Services Coordinator
  • John Duffield, Adjunct Research Professor
  • Peter Golubtsov, Adjunct Professor
  • Solomon Harrar, Adjunct Research Professor
  • Daniel Johnston, Visiting Assistant Professor
  • Richard Lane, Adjunct Instructor
  • N''Djekornom Dara Laobeul, Adjunct Instructor
  • Michael Olear, Adjunct Instructor
  • Joyce Schlieter, Adjunct Instructor
  • James Tipton, Visiting Assistant Professor


  • Lauren Fern, Lecturer
  • Cindy Leary, Lecturer
  • Regina Souza, Lecturer
  • Bonnie Spence, Lecturer

Emeritus Professors

  • Richard Billstein, Emeritus
  • James Hirstein, Professor Emeritus
  • George McRae, Professor Emeritus