Climate Change Studies

Steven Running, Director

Climate Change Studies is an inter-disciplinary program open to all majors.  The program educates students in three areas of the climate change issue: science, society, and solutions. Coursework in the minor provides a foundation that enables students to engage the scientific, societal, and political dimensions of global climate change. Further, the focus on solutions with its orientation toward applied learning will help students develop critical thinking and problem solving skills. Participating students will enhance their major field of study. They will be better prepared to enter a broad range of professions and graduate programs where they can meet the emerging challenges and opportunities arising from climate change. Climate Change Studies is a joint program between the College of Forestry and Conservation, College of Arts and Sciences, and Missoula College’s Energy Technology program. 

Undergraduate Degrees Available

Subject Type Option Track
Climate Change Studies Minor

Department Faculty


  • Len Broberg, Professor, EVST Program Director
  • Johnnie N. Moore, Ph.D., University of California (Los Angeles), 1976
  • Steve Running, Regents Professor of Ecology; Director, Numerical Terradynamics Simulation Group

Associate Professor

  • Cory Cleveland, Professor, Terrestrial Ecosystem Ecology; Chair, Department of Ecosystems & Conservation Sciences
  • Joel T. Harper, Ph.D., University of Wyoming, 1998
  • Ulrich Kamp, Professor
  • Derek Kellenberg, Professor
  • Anna Klene, Professor
  • Peter Koehn, Comparative Government & Politics & Public Administration
  • Robin Saha, Associate Professor
  • Steve Schwarze, Professor
  • Dane Scott, Associate Professor of Ethics; Director of the Center for Ethics
  • Dan Spencer, Professor
  • Laurie Yung, Associate Professor of Natural Resource Social Science; Undergraduate Program Director, Resource Conservation

Assistant Professor

  • Ashley Ballantyne, Assistant Professor of Bioclimatology
  • Bradley Layton, Energy Technology Program Director/Associate Professor


  • Nicky Phear, Climate Change Studies Program Director and Instructor