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Applied Science

Lynn Stocking, Advisor

The Bachelor of Applied Science program is available to students completing an Associate of Applied Science degree program at a regionally accredited institution. The Missoula College section of the University of Montana-Missoula catalog identifies Associate of Applied Science degree programs offered at The University of Montana.

Students considering a B.A.S. degree program must have completed an accredited A.A.S. degree program with a 2.50 grade point average. Because approval of a B.A.S. degree plan is required, students considering such a degree must meet with a designated B.A.S. advisor to identify a degree plan, to create a Degree Program Committee, and to identify the procedure required for degree plan approval.

Students are urged to begin the application process one semester prior to the completion of an AAS degree if the degree is in process.

Bachelor of Applied degree students must meet all the University of Montana requirements for graduation. Fifty credits from an accredited A.A.S. program will count toward the total credits required for graduation. Student earning this degree will receive a diploma identifying the degree of Bachelor of Applied Science without designation of an area of concentration.

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